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  1. Hi team, Managing USA national team in the year 2034. Despite numerous scouting reports showing up in my inbox, many of the scouted players have no national report saved on file, or they will have an initial national report filed but the knowledge % does not increase with additional reports/games scouted. Including screenshots for some examples. I initially asked for Wilson and Carrillo to be scouted for four matches each, however both continue to get reports well beyond the first 4 matches. Despite the excess scouting, Wilson still has no national report filed, and our knowledge % o
  2. @Tony Garvey @Kyle Brown Ah guys, my apologies - just ran through my saves and unfortunately I don't have a save from right before joining. I am making a concerted effort now to make saves before any registrations, team changes, new contracts, etc., but I wish I could have been of more help here. Some additional info: I did agree to the "Become the most Reputable" objective, recognizing it was unlikely I would pass it. I haven't had a ton of luck yet negotiating club vision items, so I figured I'd ask for forgiveness later. Perhaps, despite the timeline, it immediately recognized there wa
  3. Have just been hired at Videoton (20 Jun 2030), the President communicated that the Board is very disappointed that I failed at the goal of becoming the most reputable team in Hungary. I have not yet had my intro press conference and the goal's deadline is supposed to be the end of next season (currently in offseason). Haven't played forward enough yet to know if this will affect my standing with the team beyond marking that goal as Failed, but at the very least the communication is worth a look. Screenshots attached, also have uploaded save as "Brian Donahue - Videoton Board.fm". Thanks
  4. Oh no worries at all, very much appreciate the follow-up, @Tony Garvey. I did keep a save from around then, just went ahead and uploaded it as "Brian Donahue - 0 to 0 error.fm". Hope it can prove helpful!
  5. Update - the folks putting together Sligo's year end summary seems to have a similarly pessimistic view of the past season, after the team finished in 2nd. The Irish Soccer Post is more transparent with their reasoning than the Chronicle, but also make it clear their facts are a bit off: they stated that Sligo fell into "a tailspin that saw them drop from 0th to 0th by January." Outside of the 0th position issue, the league only plays from February to October. The Post also calls the year a "dismal campaign" and an "unforgettable season" in the same release. Screenshots attached, thanks!
  6. Perhaps there is a way to do this and I haven't realized it, but I have often wished I was able to specify details when making a promise to a player and his agent that the player will be sold/loaned out. Specifically, it would be great to agree on how much of the transfer fee I am expecting to be guaranteed. There are have been numerous occasions when I agree a player will be sold for say, a very fair 5 million, and then I don't feel comfortable accepting an offer for say, 2 million immediate, 1 million over 2 years, and then 2 million being incentive based between games played, international
  7. Managing Sligo Rovers, Irish Premier League, 2027. Just qualified for Europa Conference League and the report from the Irish Soccer Chronicle declaring this news also mentions Sligo is still in good position to qualify for the Champions League as well. They then about face and report Sligo has been having a disastrous season so far and is seeking to achieve at least a little respectability. Sligo currently sits in 2nd, and though 7 points behind first-place Dundalk with 6 matches left, there is still an outside chance to qualify for Champions League. Sligo is en route to setting a league
  8. Managing Sligo Rovers in Ireland in 2027. Following any Cup match, my save has begun to list the opponent I played during the match as the current year's competition winner in the "Past Winners" section of the press release. For example, after defeating Dundalk in the Semi Finals of the domestic EA Sports Cup, the Past Winners list included Dundalk as the 2027 EA Sports Cup winner - the very competition they were just eliminated from. This issue extends to continental competitions as well. After defeating Sigma Olomouc in the Europa Conference League second qualifying round, Sigma Olomouc
  9. Finished 2nd in SSE Airtricity Premier League in the year 2026 with Sligo Rovers. Board stated in a Nov 1st message that I passed the 2027 goal "Challenge for the SSE Airtricity Premier League Title" a year early, but in a Nov 3rd message they informed that I failed the current season goal of "Finish in the Top Two Places." Screenshots included.
  10. Russell, Thanks so much for the response. Unfortunately this is my first year posting on the forums and I had not been preparing saves for potential upload. I have since noticed how often the saves are utilized by the SI staff to investigate the problem, so I am now doing so. I apologize that I could not be of more help for this particular issue. BD
  11. Managing Sligo Rovers, we advanced to the second qualifying round of Champions League, then the qualifying playoff of the Europa League, before finally being placed into the Group Stage of the Europa Conference League. Despite starting in the Group Stage and the board being delighted with the team reaching the qualifying playoff of the Europa League, the board has assigned a "Disappointed" rating for the expectation of "Europa Conference League: Reach Second Qualifying Round (Minimum)". When hovering over the expectation, it states that "the board is content that the team has a chance to achie
  12. I signed a few unattached players on the day of the transfer deadline (July 28). About a week later was the Europa League registration deadline for the third qualifying phase. At this point, the vast majority of the squad is unchangeable, with only 1 replacement allowed. Despite the free agents having signed with us far beyond our ability to make multiple squad changes for Europa League, two of them become upset to the point of complaining to teammates, developed a poor morale, and now have a distant relationship with the manager. Both agreed upon "squad player" playing time and have little so
  13. I was hired by Toronto FC in the MLS with 9 matches remaining in the season. The team was 10th in the Eastern conference and 17th in the overall table. I was told by the board I would not be judged on my MLS or Supporters Shield (overall table) performance for the current season. Despite this, 3 league matches later (all draws), my club vision performance rating fell to a D (screenshot attached), with the main issue being my not competing for the Supporters Shield (screenshot attached). Prior to the next match, an Amway Canadian Championship match, I was asked in the press conference what my t
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