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  1. The three ******* above...ignored. Any news on when FM will be available for download?
  2. Whats wrong with WWSM that you just have to get FM instead. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> I just don't want WWSM, I've played FM since ever and don't want to switch to anything that has the word "soccer" in it.
  3. Small problem, I live in the US and I want a freaking copy of FM2008 not WWSM. The next person to tell me that they are are the same thing will get e-stabbed in the face. When will FM be available?
  4. 14 straight league wins with Juve in Serie A after I switched to this tactic. I wouldn't say I'm sweeping all the teams, the games are still tough against Roma and Inter but the tactic definitely makes my team shell out some pretty solid performances.
  5. Seriously, my strikers are getting a constant 5 rating. I have done numerous tweaks. And even when I use the tactic without any tweaks I still get hammered.
  6. What am I doing wrong?????? I'm using this tactic with a good Juve side (Got Podloski up front, Schweinsteiger on the side, good defence, etc) and I still can't win games. Just lost to Montova 5:1 and I'm mad as ****.