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  1. Quelle coïncidence The most times it's because one of my two midflielders try a long pass (ppm: try long pass) then a try with an other midflield without this ppm but the problem now came form wingers, they try to switch down the flanks but without the ppm and boom long pass behind my defense. Next season i'm trying to sign defenders with more pace and anticipation. ( But generally pacey defenders are poor in jumping reach but will see what happen) PS: si jamais on peut se "DM" pour discuter en français si tu préfères
  2. Hi, i'm trying it with Pisa in seria B. The pourcentage of possesion is perfect but the unique problem i'm looking is my centrals diffenders, they suffer from long balls behind their back which gives a 1vs1 with the goalkepper everytime. Thank you for this beautiful style to watch. And sorry for my English ma first language is the french
  3. Very interessant post @Kharza_FM, unpatient for de rest of the season. I try to play like you with a little team. Can you detail me your P.I. at any players ? THX
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