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  1. Not possible on console unfortunately. You can do it on pc on the Xbox version.
  2. How do I use the unlockables on my career such as No loan restrictions and No sacking. I have them in my wallet but can’t click on them. Also are you able to use them in an online career?
  3. Is there anyway to get real competition names such as the premier league or club names like Juventus on the PC Xbox version. I have faces etc but can’t find the files to delete so that the real names addon works. Thanks.
  4. There was some kind of update because when you load the game now you get a small loading box before the game boots. Whatever it is broke the game majorly.
  5. Did no one test this recent update to see that there’s a very obvious bug with saving the game? Or are you not able to revert the update so we can play again.
  6. Is there a timescale? How can you not give us an idea of how long it will take for an update. We can’t play the game because of this bug.
  7. But you can’t change the save location on the Xbox version on PC. It saves to the cloud.
  8. But you can’t change the save location on the Xbox version on PC. It saves to the cloud.
  9. I have this same issue and can’t find a fix. Deleted all my old saved. Turned off my anti virus. Updated everything and still the same issue.
  10. I have a save I have been playing with a friend that has suddenly stopped letting me save. I’m in my 4th season. I’ve tried turning off my anti virus. I’ve restarted. Updated. I’ve deleted all my saved except the one I play and still nothing. Can anyone help? I play on the Xbox version on PC and this is the first time with this issue. The game looks updated so I’m not sure if it has and there a bug with the update.
  11. It is realistic subs. Depending on the league you’re managing in. For example the English Premier League has only 3 subs like real life whereas the Bundesliga has 5 like real life. I agree it would be great if it was changeable in game.
  12. You can only use them on the Xbox version on PC unfortunately. I’ve tried to find the files on the Xbox console but it’s not possible.
  13. On the main menu click online career. set up nations choose your teams etc. Once in invite your friends through xbox and they will have an option to click add manager when they join where they can create a manager and choose a team. I'd advise when setting it up to have match days on Saturdays and Wednesday so you're not waiting around for each other constantly. Not sure how many friends you can have join you and you don't have to choose teams in the same league also,
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