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  1. Damn, I just checked some stats in my save...it's worse than I expected(and I'm excel+tableau for scouting so stats are key). Looks like it's time to comeback to FM17, last not broken :/
  2. Hey, is that a feature or bug? as you can see, not all of the dotes are in the same shape
  3. As you can see on the pictures, Im not able to see passes which lead to a goal :/
  4. And another related issue. Sometimes I'm not able to insert a new stats(chalkboard) column. It's just not beeing added. Also, Dele Alli has 44% shots on target and 0 shots/90 minutes. What's going on??
  5. Almost each stat is missing or wrong, starting from APPS(played games) ending on avg rating...
  6. I've just imported an squd view from FM Scout, and for example I can view the Average Rating(" ŚR.OC.") - I still can't view it on my Player Stats view...
  7. Hi All, I'm having an issue, as shown on the picture, I can't see any stats in a SquadView I made by myself. If I use other, in-game views it's possible to browse but it doesn't work when I try to use my own squad view.
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