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  1. Is it not an option? Anyone know why? It is never in my list of board request options. Thanks
  2. Yeah I get that thanks- but it is happening automatically even if it is a natural position. I click on player and it turns to green. is a bug clearly.
  3. Is this a feature or a bug on classic? I make a sub and it seems nearly every time the star changes from green to orange. When I move them to another position and back again it goes back to green.
  4. Im managing wolfsburg and have quite a lot of players yet Gustavo and Gotze are unhappy with squad depth and feel there is no competition for places. How can i fix this? Do i simply need to sign players? is a bit odd as i have a largeish squad. Thanks in advance
  5. Im sure it has been asked before so apologies.. I have been offered the Holland Job. Can I be a club and international manager at the same time or will I have to leave Spurs who i am managing? Cheers.
  6. Mancini England manager on my save too. I wish I played at Wembley. The gate receipts would hopefully be huge. Are spurs getting that 80/90k level of attendance out of interest?
  7. The plans to move were already done before I joined. So it's going up to around 56k from 34k. Will i notice finances going up at the start or down due to loan repayments? Ta.
  8. I couldn't see the info but I have since found it.. How much is the move likely to cost? Is this added to the club debt? Not experienced a stadium move before. Am interested to see what it will be called. better than the "Lampard Stadium" hopefully....
  9. Yeah didn't see much. Managed to get Markovic and then Deluefeou (sp?) for a free. Think was good business as couldn't turn down that kind of money. Just a bit annoyed I took the first offer via a bit of negotiating and didn't wait it out.
  10. Sold Lamela for £10m then £60m over 12 months. starting to regret it as I'm not sure I will see the money quick enough to buy replacements. How are the repayments made? Is it split into 4/5/6 lumps?
  11. It must be so simple to fix this. In the transfers in and out pages theres no total at the bottom. Can this be fixed? Would be good to know without having to do my own sums!
  12. I'm playing as Wolfsburg and am trying to tie Luis Gustavo who is the bees knees. Unfortunately he wants £150k or so and I can only go to £110k. There doesnt seem to be the option for me to ask the board to give me more wages other than changing my budgets. I tried this but the limit is still £110k or so. Is there anything I can do or do I now have to sell him? His contract is winding down.... Is start of season so I've got around £90m in the bank so finances not a problem Thanks in advance.
  13. Struggling to find this on classic.. Just wanted to see which clubs had no manager..
  14. A long story begins..... Roberto Pereya was on a free transfer but didn't think my Wolfsburg team could match him ambitions so wouldn't talk contract. Took him on trial, he scored a wonder goal. Trial ended, then I tried to offer him a contract. He would listen and wanted 80k or so a week which is way too much for me to pay. So I left it, and it was a fair few weeks before anyone moved for him. Frankfurt take him and only have to pay him 33K a week and his value is £17.5m ! My main question/point is -why are wages so difficult as a human player compared to the computer?
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