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  1. I will definitely be back here next year, you guys are awesome!
  2. My Steam release date has changed to the 10th of November.
  3. Eh... well it sort of looks better haha, does that count?
  4. Morton for me, I'm from the Port so it a no brainer for me.
  5. That has to be his response as he hasn't hit the Beta button yet. Lets still have hope!
  6. I'm sure the FM21 Beta was released 5 days after the Twitch live stream..... hopefully the same this year.
  7. 26th for me and I'm gutted. Uninstalled FM21 a few weeks back so I wouldn't be fed up by the time FM22 came out and I'm having withdrawals.
  8. I've tried that unsuccessfully haha. I'm just no good at working out roles and making sure they're balanced. Played football quite well in my younger days but just have zero tactical sense. Yeah that would annoy me if I was even remotely good at making a tactic. I hope you are right and I really appreciate your post. I'd love to be a tactician and create my own and spend hours developing and tweaking it but time just doesn't allow as much as it used to. Therefore, coming onto these forums and finding a tactic that looks similar to how my chosen team play IRL makes things much easier and quicker for me. I can then focus on getting the right players in/out and developing the youth to fit the chosen tactic. Thanks again for your response, definitely given me a hint of hope.
  9. I know I'll get slaughtered for this, but I'm probably one of the only ones worried about the fact tactics will be less 'plug and play' . My game time is limited and I like the fact some tactics can be plug and play with really minor tweaks. I'm hopeless with tactics but absolutely love the game, and being able to pick a tactic I like the look of or that fits how a particular team play lets me get right into it without having to mess about too much. Sorry to all the tactical legends out there but I need all the plug and play help I can get.
  10. Hi All, any recommendations for a 4-1 (DM)-2-2-1, hope that makes sense, think it used to be called 4-5-1 with a DM and 2 IF/IW. I love playing with a DM to cover the CDs. I know 4-2-3-1 seems to be the formation but I'd rather drop the AM back to DM.
  11. Thats some achievement with Brechin mate, can you point me to the download link? I've checked the Google Doc of Knaps but can't find a Parisienne with that name?
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