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  1. I found the issue with that promotion/relegation error - the level 10 competition itself was set to be 1. Once I changed to 10 it tested out fine.
  2. Ability to test multiple leagues over multiple years. Would want to do this for many league rules at a time.
  3. - Ability to load more than 69 files at a time (or ability to have multiple nation rules set in one file). - Ability to auto-generate prize money for cups, leagues, TV money based on reputation and nation info. - Better game processing, which makes huge game worlds faster.
  4. - Ability to have 'checkboxes' or templates for awards when creating a new/extending an existing league system. Sucks to play in a non-FM league and not have awards - but it's too onerous to create. - When adding sub-divisions to an added league, make it easier to add from the list rather than a drop-down scroll (have the available competitions and checkboxes by them) - Allow copy/paste storage for more than one page at a time (for example, store both discipline and prize money at the same time for easier creation). - Create 'linkage map' of country for creation to more easily show the pro
  5. Is that for FM15? Did you not see the function rule group error on startup? I'm getting that error (and then a crash dump) when I load multiple files on FM15.
  6. One thing I can't figure out... when you improve as a manager do you pick the attributes you gain? Or do you just pick the starting attributes and it grows unbeknownst to you?
  7. The match engine is much better, but I do seem to have passes from full backs to the goalie go out of bounds a lot.
  8. Hi there - I have edited every country in Europe, Africa, and Asia to be playable, and I'd like to share through the Steam Workshop. However, I can't find out how to do that, on Steam or on here. Can you help me out/point me in the right direction? Thanks.
  9. Regardless, the new advanced rules allow for it. So we're all good now.
  10. How do you do this in FM13? I saw you can edit existing structures in FM14 so I'm guessing you'll be able to see it by default, but in 13 I was never able to see structures & prize money for existing competitions.
  11. Hi there - I'm getting the same crash dump/error message on 9/29/14 no matter how many times I re-load. Where can I load up the files so you can check through it?
  12. I don't understand why the league table widget only allows 7-8 teams at a time. We should be able to resize if needed, but it should be expandable to the whole league like it was last year.
  13. The team ratings screen for the widgets changes between the teams. I want to just look at my team but it seems to change based on who's home or away.
  14. Absolutely! Love the enhancements and glad you guys are working to make the release the best it can be! KUTGW
  15. Another small item - when I select 'available until match fit' and continue the game, it switches to simply 'available', so they are available after achieving match fitness.
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