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  1. I unlocked the golden generation unlockable and at the start of 2028-29 I applied it to the game. Was disappointed with the players that came through the following March (2029), as seen in first pic. I thought I might have applied it too late so I waited to see if they came the following year (2030) but they didn't, as seen in second pic.
  2. This happens on my save as well. But if I click "overview" again when it's already selected, then the rest of the records show.
  3. No I don't I'm afraid. But I've just been given the chance to set one up and the club has been professional for at least three years before where I am now. Thanks
  4. When I've just knocked a team out of a cup competition, it displays them as the winner of that year's competition, even though the competition isn't over and that team is out.
  5. In euro league, you get prize money for playing in qualifying rounds, it increases as you progress every round. But in champions cup, you don't get a penny until you reach the group stages. Which means you could play 10-12 qualifying/playoff matches (have huge travel costs for smaller clubs) but no prize money to make up for it. Is this a bug or a reflection of a very unfair system in real life?
  6. Every now and then, I get a message saying 'about to sign ABC XYZ as director of football', because the chairman has offered him a contract. It's not a club culture thing to work with a director of football, and I don't really want one, but why does the chairman still insist on trying to hire one? Basically it's a bit annoying having to cancel these deals every couple of weeks!
  7. I have the same issue about fines not being applied. But also I haven't got a code of conduct and I've never been offered a chance to set one up.
  8. I have the same trouble. Club has grown hugely since I took over, been promoted, won 4 consecutive top division titles and reaching champions cup knockout twice in a row (have loads of money in the bank) but the board won't upgrade training facilities because 'club is not big enough'. So stuck with poor training facilities even though they've upgraded youth facilities twice and scouting network to worldwide, and decided to build a brand new stadium even though I fill less than ⅓ of it, all without me requesting them. Also, despite going from 0.5* to 2* reputation, attendance has barely grown i
  9. It's seemed to have sorted itself out now, around the time I hired a new assistant manager. But I didn't think that should have made a difference? Anyway, the file name is: 'Porthmadog Cymru Premier.fmt'. I've come across a few other issues, should I start a new forum for each individual one? Or post them all here?
  10. My scouting network covers UK & Ireland and my chief scout has 100% knowledge of both Wales and England, yet when I search for all Welsh players, only a handful of those playing in English divisions appear. Why aren't the rest shown?
  11. I have updated to 21.2.2 but still have the same trouble (at Athletic Bilbao).
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