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  1. I know Cardiff play in the English pyramid, as do some other Welsh clubs, but seeing a message describing Cardiff as an 'English side' feels weird and wrong!
  2. Two teams in the same division have media prediction of 1st.
  3. Having previously had difficulties getting my requests accepted (which has now been sorted), I've come to the point where it simply doesn't offer the chance to request an upgrade on my youth facilities. They are currently 'excellent' or 4*, there hasn't been any work on them for over 2 years and I haven't been able to make a request since. Training facilities have undergone several upgrades in the meantime. Weirdly though, I can request a new stadium be built even though my stadium was only finished this year and is also currently in the process of being expanded. (Which brings me to anot
  4. Thanks. I have uploaded, the example in this case isn't quite as extreme but still not the allocations you'd expect, so I hope it's helpful. Port Away Fans.fmt
  5. For European games my club uses another club's stadium which has a capacity of 10,500 rather than it's own with approx 2,200. As seen in this image, the away fans sometimes more or less fill the stadium (9,000 in this instance). Why is this? There should certainly be more than 1,500 home fans there, because average attendance is over 2,000 and there's over 1,500 season ticket holders.
  6. Under club info, it says that the league is never completed, but obviously it is!
  7. I'm playing in the CWC in 2033 and half of it is before pre-season has started. The players are not fit to play and they're extremely tired after playing just one match and resting for 6 days after, never mind playing every 3 days as is needed in the tournament. It would be good to have a way of calling players back from holiday for a tournament like that, or even better that it happens automatically!
  8. I've had similar issues, sometimes with the start dates announced as months before I made the request, and sometimes with the start dates a few months after the work is scheduled to be completed.
  9. I unlocked the golden generation unlockable and at the start of 2028-29 I applied it to the game. Was disappointed with the players that came through the following March (2029), as seen in first pic. I thought I might have applied it too late so I waited to see if they came the following year (2030) but they didn't, as seen in second pic.
  10. This happens on my save as well. But if I click "overview" again when it's already selected, then the rest of the records show.
  11. No I don't I'm afraid. But I've just been given the chance to set one up and the club has been professional for at least three years before where I am now. Thanks
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