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  1. Hi @knap. Seen your comment above. Using the Preachin Blues 2331 IF after using a mixture of Venom 442 and Beowulf 442 in previous seasons. What other formations would you recommend to use alongside it? Your comment about using a different formation for cups is the reason im asking.
  2. @knap have you tried a 433 formation with 3 strikers?? Played against Palace who had 3 strikers in attacking positions and their strikers were creating a lot of chances
  3. Also using Knaps training regimes which is helping out on scoring from set pieces. Can’t believe I left it all to the AM before lol
  4. Hi mate. It should be on Knaps Google Docs. I’m trying to see if I can use it to form a SUS tactic in the last 10 mins also. Still creates chances when favourite so well rounded
  5. The 343 IF is fantastic at reducing goals conceded. Last 6 games I’ve had 6 clean sheets for Brentford first season in Prem. I regroup and hold shape in last 8/10 mins of winning or against a big 6.
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