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  1. Cool! Those sounds reasonable. Can you help with little bit more, since you have that experience with high rep team and counter style? ---------------- DLF-S --------------- --- RMD-A --------------- IW-S --- ----------------- AP-A ---------------- ------- HB-D --------- SV-S -------- WB-S --- CD-D --- BPD-D --- FB-S ---------------- GK-D ---------------- Here, I am not sure what to do with my fullbacks, maybe changing right one to FB-A or WB-S. Im gonna try attacking mentality. What about TIs? I am thinking this: Higher DL + standard LOE (or less
  2. Well that is reassuring :-) Would love to see one of those. As for RMD(A) - idea behind this was to make it my highest scoring position, basically C. Ronaldo (well Timo Werner in my case, but there are some familiarities). Creative players AP, SV and fullbacks sending trough balls, IW helping with distraction and passing, strong target man to draw out defenders, RMD scoring goals. Do you think that IF(s) could do the same thing, or should I try to make something with two strikers, maybe asymetric?
  3. Thank you for your reply! I agree with you, defensive opponents might be a struggle. Counter-attacking style would be best used against higher reputation teams (basically no one in two years of save) or similar reputation teams in away games (PL top 6 basically). But I can imagine scenario, where in most games I can get early lead using other attacking style and THEN switch to soak and counter. That could punish my opponent as even smallest reputation side would need to attack, if they do not, I win. Basically I want to score a goal -> switch to counter attack -> score more goals, n
  4. Hey guys, first, I want to apologize if my actual questions are too broad. I´m still rather amateur in tactic creation, plug-n-play was always my way. I do have image of playstyle I want to achieve in my head, but it is hard to put it into words. I found lot of amazing threads here, lot of them about total footbal, possession, tiki-taka. Less of them are about low block or soak and counter. But none of them (or very little) is about system I want to achieve. Being younger I was amazed of two teams and one manager - Chelsea, Real Madrid and Mourinho. Not so many like Mourinho "anti-fo
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