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  1. This is what I guess too. Sigh, I remember previously on FM2014 it can be done easily just by editing the reputation. Looks like I should edit all of their CA to 100 then.
  2. I am using the young legends database which I download from the steam workshop, and delete most of the players that I don't want, and then create a new club in sky bet championship. Then those young legends are inside the new club I just created, with all of their reputation set to very low. The new club I created are also with very low reputation of 1000 only. But I wonder, why is it that when I enter the game, the new club was always predicted to finish first, and the board expectation are always "win the league" Anyway for me to change the media prediction and board expectation?
  3. need bump for this mang! thanks
  4. Man United Challenge

    Whao, thanks alot that you reply to such an old thread. I din't know you got the 2011 version, very nice! Thanks!! heheh
  5. Man United Challenge

    bump up, just finish downloading it
  6. who will be the best player for MC and DMC position if money is not a problem?
  7. love the game love the game love the game!! absolutely love it! lol
  8. hm...anyone face this? for me it was like today i can use, then suddenly the next day can't already...anyone face it?
  9. i wanted to know too... genie scout works for it for the 1st few times, then suddenly it just wont work anymore and it seems, even normal database also cant work :S
  10. well...many had said this before, and i will say again Don't play FM when you are drunk
  11. the legends database is really amazing, lovely
  12. and i am using ur tactic for 10.2 in this DB which is giving me huge success lol
  13. baggio is in the game