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  1. Thanks mate, everyone has been proper helpful. Its been great. Ok I'll stick with fm touch for now and just persist with tinkering away. I'm going through all of bust the nets tactic videos. Doing my best to retain all the info about ti's. I'll be back if I think of something else
  2. Fair enough, thanks all for your replies. I shall persist with my fm tactical journey slow and steady wins the race i guess
  3. that might be the way to go then, thanks. i've tried figuring out things from ground zero, adding one ti here, trying to see what effect it has. rinse and repeat. but i cant seem to make heads or tails of whats going on haha might just be im a bit dense though
  4. hi all, back again. what is the opinion on downloaded tactics? are they considered cheating. despite wanting to really get into this game i find i just don't have the time around work and rl to sit for hours tinkering with tactics and ti's and pi's like i would like to do. obviously i can do want i want in regards to this, im just curious of the consensus on this in the community?
  5. Sweet I'll use fmt to muck around with tactics then. How deep into the match analysis do I need to go? Like the heat maps and stuff coz that stuff makes my head spin haha
  6. Thanks @DementedHammer, I just re read your first message (its getting late here so my brains going to sleep) I was thinking of asking if touch would be worth trying to begin with. Especially for just trying to dive into tactics first up. So I think I'll do that for a bit. Are there any limitations to training or scouting on fmt if I feel I have a grasp on tactics and decide to dabble a bit in those areas of the game?
  7. Would you recommend watching the full game or comprehensive highlights
  8. Thank you for your reply @99 Rich club it is then ive started watching a 3 hour video on tactics and opposition instructions on bustthenet YouTube channel. He seems very knowledgeable on the subject so I think that'll be a good starting point for tactic creation. Do you have any suggestions for material that explains scouting in good digestible detail? Thanks
  9. Hi all, I'm very new to fm, I've dipped my toes in the water a couple of times but got a bit overwhelmed each time. Is there any advice you can give a noobie for learning this game. For example should I just pick a big, rich team whose players I don't know and go from there or manage the team I support irl (watford) despite them probably being more of a challenge? Or is just learning one section of the game at a time the best way to go, like just doing team selection and tactics for games until I'm actually adequate at it then moving onto say training etc? And is it viable
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