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  1. Hi all, came back to play FM after some months, is it just me or now there are less central-through passes and central forwards score less?
  2. Yes. Can you please give some statistical proof of teams that in the beginning of the season were not predicted to fight for the title, that just got a new manager, that in February/March have lost a few games maximum, that finished top of the table in the CL/Europa League group, that have the best attack and defense in the league, that won 75% of the games against stronger and same level rivals, that, apart from the mentality, didn't adapt at all their formation to the opponents? all this in recent years and in a top tier league, thanks. I might be really "unlucky". - I'm not saying this is impossible to happen, just shouldn't be that easy - Everton is sitting 5th in the table, lost already 4 games and it's December. Don't get me wrong, I like the game, a lot, I want it to improve.
  3. In a 433 DM, the mezzala seems to "steal" space to the inverted winger of his side, is it true?
  4. Are you serious? I already answered you, try to read slowly and pay attention Look I'll copy and paste it for you here: By starting a new thread I expected to see a comparison between which results I am getting and which you guys are getting, see if there's something linked to this, in a constructive manner, which, by seeing most of the posts didn't happen.
  5. I already told you the point of this topic mate, I didn't mean to offend any "underachiever" or say I'm brilliant in the game
  6. I don't know what problems you have in real life but I'd think twice before adapting such a judgmental attitude, it's just an advice. There's nothing about showing off in this topic, to me doesn't make sense at all to show off in a game where you can save-scum all the way.
  7. Alright let's start from the beginning 1) Thanks for pointing out I'm playing a computer game, didn't notice. There's a balance to keep between fantasy simulation and real life, we both know that a game never can be as real life, but it's what this game is pursuing, isn't it? I am not asking a 100% real life simulation, I just found that I got sequences of winning games pretty easily, COMPARED to reality every game has it's difficulty, no matter which team you are, you always will have some struggle, little or big (depending on which team are you), but still a struggle, and at some point, especially if a manager is at his first year in a club (it's more likely to happen), the winning streak will be broken. 2) That's your opinion, playing is not all about winning, is about having fun. 3) It's the same thing you said in the second point. By starting a new thread I expected to see a comparison between which results I am getting and which you guys are getting, see if there's something linked to this, in a constructive manner, which, by seeing most of the posts didn't happen.
  8. Are this kind of issues recurrent every year? I usually buy the game between january and march, only this year I started with the beta and right now enough things seem to be messy. I'm considering to stop playing (because really, doesn't make sense to me) for a couple months until a big patch.
  9. Last year I played with the Realistic Injury rates and was pretty cool, for sure more challenging, didn't try to play it on this FM because I'm not sure it will work
  10. Here we go again, another one that focuses on a single thing
  11. It's pretty insane to finish 5th after promotion... I didn't get that far to see the bug yet, I delete my saves soon when I don't see any challenge continuing.
  12. I can tell you my tactic with Brentford, the other saves are deleted I use a more offensive 433: Positive shorter passing, play out of defense, low crosses, work ball into box distribute to center back, distribute quickly, counter-press much higher defensive line, much higher line of engagement, more urgent, prevent short GK distribution, A little bit more defensive 433, mostly for away games: Balanced Pass into space, play out of defence, higher tempo, narrow take short kicks, distribute to center backs, counter, counter-press higher defensive line, extremely urgent, use tighter marking I developed the bad habit to give up in this FM when I see no challenge, I deleted both Chelsea and Milan saves when I was first just after middle season. But that's not the point, I'm comparing to last year's FM, things were harder some way. Well, I'll try and go on with this save, hopefully I will get some struggle going forward
  13. Does anybody still (after the beta) finds the game too easy? I gave up a save with Chelsea and Milan because of this reason, in both together I lost a few games at most. You may say can happen, they're big teams, yes but every team struggles at some point in the season, which did not happen to me, I always dominate 95% of the games, xG always higher and the opponent doesn't get really dangerous, can happen some times with other big teams but the weaker ones get annihilated all the time leaving no room for surprises. Not getting a struggle, a real challenge, even with these big clubs, kills my mood to play. I'm playing now with Brentford, same story, top of the league in December,13 wins, 2 draws and 1 lost, +4 on the second, will be more as the time passes. I'm noticing the % of the completed passes are way high on average, I get between 92-95% most of the time, but I'm Brentford, not Guardiola's Barcelona.
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