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  1. Ok, it’s my thought. But, you can be the spy for us no ? 😂
  2. Hello ! The last year, the fmm22’s new features have been revealed 1 week before the release. It’s the same this year ? Or we have chance to have the new features of fmm22 the same Time of fm22 ? and if it’s not possible, Why ? It’s for thé communication ? Or other ? thank’s for your hard Work !!
  3. Yes I’m agree with for this revamp. In a future version, I hope we can search the players by his role on the pitch. But I need to say, this version is the best version on mobile. I’m addict and it’s a good job 😂
  4. Hi, it si possible to have in a future version a goalkeeper’s statistics in match and after ?
  5. Hi, Is it possible to have in a future, the player’s position on match in this Windows and the player’s Time on match ? Thank’s for your job 😃😃
  6. Hi, It is possible to have one day a statistic séparâtes for for the first half and the second ? It’s for see the difference of the first and the second half. Thank’s for your answers
  7. Yes ! I saw this bug to. Or in a player’s stats we have for exemple 10 interceptions, and for team 6 interceptions 🤔🤔
  8. Hello, I don’t understand this stats ? Can you explain to me ? thank’s
  9. Hello, is it normal the PSG bought no one top player in this season ?
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