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  1. @warlock Nice job getting the promotion, what a turnaround, the league position trend is beautiful
  2. So I decided to go back to Portsmouth again for a longer term save. I know the first season should be formality from previous experience, but we are on course to break the 120 points last time. However one of our losses is in this ridiculous fashion, not only we threw away a 2-0 lead, two of the goals are conceded in stoppage time after they were down to 10 men, and of course the last second goal was a worldie. Probably my worst loss I can remember in FM, if we were not well ahead in the league I would be super mad. We did have our epic comeback as well against Char
  3. Anything wrong with the agent pack with 21.4? I just resaved it with editor.
  4. Sorry to sound impatient but is there an ETA for the next update for 21.4? Cant start a new save without your files now. Thanks.
  5. I had already decided this will be my last season no matter what happens, and I think this is the perfect ending. First we edged out Tottenham and Arsenal to take the 6th place by goal difference with our perfect run in the last few games, including an away win in Old Trafford and a crucial 3-2 win against Arsenal. We also need to thank West Brom and Sheff Utd who are already relegated for the goal difference. Then we went on to lift the 3rd FA Cup for pompey after beating Man Utd and Chelsea in a penalty shoutout. We were eliminated in Europa League quarter final by Lyon, but I thin
  6. We continued our good from into Feb and March, advancing against Rangers and AZ Alkmaar in Europa League quite convincingly. Only two league losses are away against Tottenham and Liverpool. We are still just behind the big 6 plus Wolves who is really overperforming this season, but since West Ham somehow won the EFL Cup, our chance in Europe next season is slim, unless we pull a miracle in other two cup competitions. And this is the fixture for next month, not sure how can we pull through it with our 23 men squad without the luxury of backups in u23/u18 teams (all th
  7. TBH no one knows their logic and what will happen next, at least for now I don't think it needs to be drastically changed.
  8. @Daveincid Yeah, its with the previous udpate. I might be able provide some insights into Chineses football, I don't follow the league closely but I'm from China and read the news quite often. We all know its not sustainable to pay ridiculous amount of transfer fee and wage even with relatively large domestic market. Covid situation expose this greater than any other country. The league winner from last year Jiangsu just folded, after winning the league, they did some auditing and found out even with winning the league, they are basically dumping money into a buttomless hole, coupled
  9. Thanks for the update, been playing with the previous update, one thing I like the most you can't just dump any unwanted player to some random Chinese or MLS teams which is very unrealistic. So from what I gathered the most significant change is the transfer tax, is this new to this update, guess I need to start a new save then. Any other significant change worth noting? Anyway here's some of the top transfers in my save three years in, mostly in line with what I imagined, only anomaly is 77m from Sporting CP, and Mason Greenwood to Juventus, don't remember any high profile English p
  10. What a turnaround! Suddenly 14 winless run turns into 14 unbeaten run now, so glad we were able to power through these two crazy months with hectic fixture. It didn't start well: Against Chelsea, we came back after two goals deficient but lost to the last minute winner from Timo Werner. Against Man Utd, we were in lead most of the game but had to settle for a point due to a late goal. Games against Newcastle and Everton are the turning point, we were 0-2 down half time in both games, but managed to came back in the end. After that its smooth sailing, although a 3-3 dra
  11. Looking good for auto spots, hope for some quality signings once promotion is secured.
  12. I know 2nd PL will get tougher but I still had high hopes we can replicate the success of last season. We actually had a perfect start with 4 wins in a row and a 3-1 win against Roma in our Europe debut! After that things going downhill. 3 points in 7 league games, only 2 wins are against Qarabag in EL, and we also missed our chance to qualify from the group stage, we had to fight for at least a point in our last game away in Moscow. We still sits midtable thanks to the early wins. Good news is that board expectations are low, so we still have time to turn things around..
  13. Nice start, Norwich has really strong fundation to build on, in my current save even they are yoyo team currently back in Championship, they still have some really strong original players I can't afford. Will be following your journey, hoping for auto promotion first season!
  14. Its been a busy transfer window, and its nice not to be interupted by transfer embargo We spent most of the budget on Ronald Araujo so the rest are most trading of squad players. Most notable signings: Our most important signing was towards the end of last season, we paid 20m (potentially goes to 27m) for Araujo from Barca, who was on loan last season, our absolutely backbone in the defence. We also somehow got Phil Foden on loan, its crazy Man City would put him on loan list, although his wage is on higher end, I think its a no brainer since we have no ch
  15. What an incredible end to the season! We stood up to the pressure and win 3-2 against Brighton in an away game. We could easily end up out of top 7 in the end. FA cup final is between Chelsea and Tottenham, so that means we should be in Europa League instead of the new Conference cup, really excited to bring Pompey back to Europe. Elsewhere, Chelsea really want to win the league with 8-0 against Southampton (another plus for us ), they had an incredible unbeaten run 2nd half of the season with 16 wins and 3 draws, well deserved.
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