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  1. Just by the youth rating number. I'm not that far into the save so not sure of the actually quality of newgens, I wonder what other factors would decide that, I can't see China have higher youth rating than Netherland, maybe population is having too much weight?
  2. Just one feedback, the youth rating for China is way too high, too some extend India as well.
  3. Well it seems its not just a decimal error, proper fix would be divide the income over the years, its better to let them know in the research forum. Anyway, thanks for the work, looking forward to start a new save with it once current bugs are sorted.
  4. The belgium league researcher explains the sponsor income in the bug forum, not sure if its valid.
  5. I'm sure the researcher has their reasons, but all the source list the AFC Wimbledon new stadium's capacity as 9300, whereas in database its 9150, just want to double check.
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