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  1. Haha. Ah well, like I said, it's not really a big deal, but it's one of those little things that kind of breaks the immersion and makes you go "Oh, right, it's just a video game."
  2. This really isn't a big deal, but I'm curious what the story is here. I've been playing with one team for over a full year now, using the same tactic in all three tactic slots. And I STILL get players who have been with the club that whole time, playing in the same position, saying during pregame that they are "unfamiliar with the tactic". Do you guys get that too? I mean seriously, when are they going to be familiar?
  3. Just wanted to let you know, this tactic ended up working very well for me. My first season, we stumbled a bit in the middle but finished in 2nd place. Lost in the playoff finals, so I'm stuck in Vanarama North for another season, but definitely sticking with this tactic!
  4. Hi all, I'm coaching a Vanarama North side, and I'm affiliated with Lincoln, who is in League 1 right now. They have never made any players available to me on loan. A new season is starting, and I'd like to get a player or two on loan from them, but for example, when I try to make a loan offer, it seems like any other loan offer with a non-affiliated club. I've heard I should be able to get loans for free from my affiliate. Am I doing something wrong, or is this just the way it works if they don't really have any players they want to loan me? Thanks!
  5. Ok, silly question from a FM noob: I have a bunch of players whose contracts ended on 6/30. However, even though I’m now in July, they are still on my squad. Even those i “set for release”. What gives? When do players actually leave the team?
  6. Thanks very much all! I’ll probably just let it run down. We’re in April now and his contract ends in June.
  7. OK, so I have an unhappy player. He's 35, on the decline, and no one wants him. There's about 3 months left on his contract. What should I do? Just let him play out the contract and be miserable. Mutual termination Release on a free I don't know enough about the game yet to understand what the ramifications are for these choices. Advice appreciated!
  8. Gunner, thanks again for your feedback above. Quick question for you: If I find players on other clubs who look like good fits for my team next season, should I try to sign them now for a contract beginning next season? Or just wait for their contracts to expire? Since this is non-league, most of the players are on one-year contracts.
  9. So there's a lot on that screen. Would I want to set England to "All Competitive Leagues" under Domestic?
  10. Oh. Hmm. That may be something I’m not aware of. Can you explain?
  11. The divisions are at full detail, so I guess it’s the scout. I wasn’t aware those were important attributes for scouts. The pickings are pretty slim in Vanarama North, and I prioritized judging current/potential. which begs the question; several people told me this was an ideal way for lower league teams to identify potential loan targets. But if lower league scouts suck too badly to get team reports, then how do people do this?
  12. I've sent my best scout to do these. What information do you want about him? For Vanarama North, he's pretty good I think! Here's what he looks like: https://imgur.com/oJ4ojrj
  13. Hi all, Relatively new to FM here. Playing FM 21, coaching in Vanarama North and trying to get Team Reports on higher level teams. However, every time I do that, it comes back with a message saying "I've been unable to compile a full report on Sunderland Under 23s as very little statistical data exists for the team." I've tried a few teams now, but I get this every time I ask for any team report. I get a list of strengths and weaknesses, but never any indication that there are players I could loan. (Which is the whole point of me doing this.) Any ideas what's going on? Thanks!
  14. This is in FM 21, thought I'd try it regardless of the version change. I've fallen pretty solidly into mid-table! At this point I'm consistently beating the teams below me and losing to the teams above me. I think morale is turning around a bit after my rough go. I try not to play with the tactics much in-game, because I don't know too much about what I'm doing. I'm curious: how much did you tweak this tactics based on the match? So, for example, if you were playing a top of the table team or a team that was particular strong in attack, did you scale back to cautious, or anything like that? I've got a pretty good rotation going at striker and centerback. I have a rotation, but a little weaker, at wing and central midfield. Struggling to find impact players there. I know this is a lower league problem, but having trouble finding players with flexibility, for example FBs who can play both sides.
  15. Sounds good. I just had done some digging and landed on Sunderland and Middlesbrough too. My squad looks like this: https://imgur.com/hYkn8BI I guess that seems relatively solid? All of the two-star players are on their way out, but I could definitely do with a few upgrades in the midfield. (Playing a 442.) Of course since it's Vanarama North, pretty much everyone is on a year-long contract. My hope is that I can retain my top players and perhaps pull in a few loan players who would be in that 3.5-4* range on my current roster. So let me ask you something else too. I just got my team report back from Sunderland. It says "I've been unable to compile a full report on Sunderland Under 23s as very little statistical data exists for the team." I've tried a few teams now, but I get this every time I ask for any team report. I get a list of strengths and weaknesses, but never any indication that there are players I could loan. Am I doing something wrong, or is this just normal for some teams, and it just means they don't have any likely loan candidates?
  16. I’m coaching Spennymoor. I was hoping to get some loans from my senior affiliate (Lincoln), but so far they haven’t offered me any... I understand that the stars are based on my team, but do I still not want to find players who would make a big difference? If all I can find are players who are as good as my “average” players, how can I improve my squad? Hmm.
  17. Thanks! I didn’t realize that location played a role! Guess it’s time to brush up on my English geography! I’ve definitely been trialing constantly, but out of the hundreds of players I’ve trialed, only one was even four star current ability compared to my team. So, it’s been hard to find impact players. That’s why I’m hoping loans might help.
  18. Hi all, So, I took over a Vanarama North side just two days before the start of the season. Obviously, that's made it a little difficult to shape the team the way I'd like. 20 games in and I'm firmly mid-table. I have precisely zero players on loan, and I'm struggling to find impact players in the free transfers and so on. I'd like to start plotting for the offseason. I have a senior affiliate in Sky Bet One who has given me precisely squat so far. I'd like to get a few solid loans to improve my club next season. Read a few articles that suggested getting Team Reports for teams in order to target them or swoop in if their contracts expires. Questions: If I'm Vanarama North, how high up should I be looking? Sky Bet 2? Sky Bet 1? All the way to the top? Should I be getting scouting reports on their U18 squads, or senior squads? Any other advice? Thanks!
  19. Tactics question for mr Rosler: So, I've been using your tactic to great effect early in the season. Only now we've hit a slump. Four straight losses. I'm still very much a FM noob. Any particular suggestions for righting the ship? Or things to look at to figure out how to right the ship?
  20. Gunner, this is fantastic feedback, exactly the sort of thing I was hoping for, thank you!!
  21. Need some help from you FM veterans. I'm doing a season in Vanarana North. With luck, I'll get promoted, but either way, this is literally my first season ever in FM. I don't totally understand loans and transfers yet. My squad is entirely players on one-year contracts or non-contracts, which is about par for the course for Vanarama North I guess. It's early September right now. I'd like advice on what I should be doing for NEXT season already. Should I already be trying to sign players to contracts starting NEXT season? Or am I safe to just wait until the end of the current season to start that process? I have almost no transfer budget, so these are likely to be primarily out of contract or free transfers I'll be going after. But I definitely need some roster upgrades! Advice appreciated!
  22. Thanks very much! I'm in Vanarama North, so everyone is just on a one-year part-time contract. No one is interested in him, even on a free transfer. It won't be the end of the world if I just hang onto him. I can afford it. But he ain't getting any playing time!
  23. Hi all, coaching a Vanarama North side. Have a player I'm no longer interested in. Neither is anyone else. What's the best way to get rid of him? What's the difference between: Release on a free Mutual termination Set for release Thanks!
  24. Thanks for your suggestion! I have an affiliation with Lincoln, who is sky bet one, but every time I try to look at one of their players, even to bring in on trial, the player refuses. Is there some specific sequence of menu actions / steps you are using to ask the club for a player? I feel like it might just be user error but I can’t figure it out?
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