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  1. Hi @John Kendall-Torry I have uploaded the file to the SI Cloud under the name 'Harry Quinney- Borussia M'gladbach.fm' and I am using steam. Thanks
  2. Hi @John Kendall-Torry Yes we both tried 2 saves each and it wouldn't let us into either of them including inviting each other. Thanks
  3. Hi @John Kendall-Torry We did try that and he had the exact same issue that it just stayed stuck on 'Joining online game' Thanks
  4. Seem to be able to join random peoples online games, but when trying me and my mate try and join each others game in just stays stuck on 'joining online game'. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  5. Can't join a friends online game. Seem to be able to join random peoples servers but go to join a friends servers and just stays stuck on 'Joining online game". Any Ideas`/
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