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  1. Thanks for all the responses - it has definitely answered a few questions, even ones I hadn’t thought of. I am trying to create a career where it isn’t all about winning, which is hard, but more about developing players and playing attacking football. I always end up creating a hard working, defensively sound team which at times plays quite direct. So trying a long term career game of development while trying to play more attractive/attacking football is going to be a real challenge, but I hope a rewarding one. One comment above from @Garrlor stated that as I progress up the leagues I could maybe train a central defender to play as a ball playing central defender, am I wrong to be trying to play BPD in league 2? I realise they won’t be technically as good as a championship standard BPD but they are playing against a lower standard of player? Or am I over thinking this? I am trying to create a team that play out from the back, which surely is possible at a lower level, I realise to keep my job if results aren’t going for me I will have to change short term at times, but the long term is to play a short passing style through from the youth team to the first team while keeping my job.
  2. Can anyone provide any help please? although i have played the game for a long time I am no expert but I am trying my hand at taking a lower league side with a good youth setup and developing them long term. I have done plenty of research on these forums and think i have my head around tutoring, training and such like but one question I do have is how much first team action should you give to young players and does it help aid there development? I remember years ago reading that really you should try and give a young player 15 first team games per season, but is this 15 sub appearances, 15 games of 90 minutes or just 60 minutes + etc etc... And leading on from that question at what level does a player need to be at to play, so I have plenty of current ability 2 star players in my youth setup with potential of 4 star plus, should I be blooding these in to my first team now? By the way, not sure if it makes any difference but I am still playing FM18
  3. Still playing FM16- anyone got any ideas for a striker, struggling second season January. Sturridge injories are mounting up and need someone to stick the ball away.
  4. Ok great I think I get it, so for example if I wanted an attacking full back who is going to be involved in unlocking defences than I would be looking at a creator, if I think the full back will just be some-one involved in transitions, it would be support attributes I would look for, and if it was just a defensive full back then just the stopper attributes. This thread has been very informative and will be very useful, playing a 4-1-3-2 (I agree how useful central midfield players are) I have just got promoted to the prem and squad building is going to be key now.
  5. One question I have is, what do you mean by having a squad made up of: Destroyers, supporters and creators do you mean your more defensive players are the destroyers, your supporters are the midfielders and the creators the attackers, obviously you can have a creator at full back, but you can't have a team full of creators, and he can be a creator as long as he has good swing attributes aswell?? am I on the right wave length?
  6. Be interesting to see how you get on, I have just sealed promotion to the premiership with Shrewsbury, after 2 seasons in league 1 and 4 seasons in the championship. We have a few players who will be ok in the prem but am dreading the summer transfer window trying to sign the right players. After six seasons of hard work don't want to be losing every week and relegated by Christmas.
  7. I went ahead and signed Iheanacho without a work permit, i have had him at the club for 1 month and he still has a status of 184, this isn't coming down. Any idaeas?
  8. Playing FM16, start of 5th season trying to sign Iheanacho from Man City, he is out of contract and agreed terms. He has been at Man City 6 seasons, never played for Nigeria apart from 8 u20 caps It takes 1825 days to get a UK passport, he has completed 1641 and has a status(whatever that means) of 184 His work permit application has been rejected on appeal, I can sign him and wait but will the days continue to count down? roughly 6 months?
  9. Really? Always thought you could recall a loan with 24 hours notice?
  10. Can anyone tell me how to terminate a loan spell, i have recall from loan set in the players loan contract but can'd find the tab to recall loan. Or am i just being blind?
  11. So wouldn't be worried he wasn't a natural in central midfield in this example?
  12. Just a question about fitting players into your system. For example Zivkovic isn't a natural central midfielder, in fact he is probably accomplished there. Did you train him put him straight start of second season or did you slowly introduce him while he got better at the position? You bought him for that position so did you think his stats matched what you wanted from the role and then train to suit the position? just interested in finding the right player for the right role
  13. Been really inspired by this thread so thankyou! I was losing my way with having no clear identity to how wanted to play and indeed manage. Rather than start again I have applied my own DNA half way through first season and am starting to reap the rewards into the second season. One thing I did want to know though is do people have a plan B?? For example I play with a false 9 but when things aren't working against certain teams I throw on a advanced forward who will test the defence line in a different way. It is all well and good having a club DNA which I agree with but sometimes I find I need an alternative. What do you do?
  14. Lucas does a surprisingly good job at this in front of the back four, I have brought in Sven Bender who is playing there he is neat and tidy does a good job - and I have Maia for the future.
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