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  1. Managing Celtic I won the double in first year and reached the CL QF. On course for treble in second season and pumped Barca 4-0 in CL group without resorting to underhand financial chicanary that results in administration... it is possible.
  2. Dembele is gone... 30 million to Arsenal on last day of the season. No time to get a replacement...
  3. The key to doing well in Scotland is getting regular CL qualification, buying cheap and selling big. This will be enough to ensure domestic domination and good CL runs. No need to rip off other teams by going bust and leaving trails of debt behind.
  4. So you arrange a transfer on the never never and then go bust....
  5. But you can only buy within the confinds of the wage and transfer budget thst your board sets. You are not seriously telling me that you have a 100,000,000 transfer budget in your first season at Ibrox ? Do you pay the 80 million in yearly increments? Where does the transfer fee come from ? Sorry for labouring the point. Just curious on how its done.
  6. Any version of FM i have played there have been transfer and wage budgets. Yes these can be adjusted to an extent but if you increase wages then transfer budgets drop. I am sorry you are going to have to explain how you can buy 80 million players and pay their wages in your first season. How is it possible?
  7. But surely you have a transfer and wage budget that restricts you?
  8. I am now on my second season. Playing a 4-2-3-1 with Tierney on attack at left back domestically and on support in CL games. Sinclair and Roberts (he came back for another seasons loan) play as inside forwards. If either of those 2 are injured they are replaced by wingers (support). Morgan (from St Mirren) on the left and Forrest on the right. My two centre mids are Ajer as BWM on defend and Almiron as AP on support. Armstrong or Christie plays in the AM role just behind the striker. Dembele and Griffiths rotate for the strikers role with Dembele tending to play in the CL games. I have mixed passing, standard mentality, work ball into box and exploit flanks. Distribute to FB's and close down. Structured team shape but players can express themselves. Second season has been brilliant. Topped my CL group containing Barca, Roma, and Zenit St Petersburg with 15 points . Highlight was a 4-0 home win over Barca. Dembele seems built for the big CL nights. I am half way through the Jan transfer window and the offers are coming in for Dembele who wants to go. I want to see if I can keep him till the summer, Tierney seems happy enough on his new 35,000 a week contract... If dembele goes any tips on replacements ?
  9. Doolan always seems to score against me too. The more seasons you play in the SPL the better the teams become. You get a couple of CL spots and teams regularly reaching the group stages of the Europa League. Teams like Hearts, Hibs and Aberdeen are buying players for 5 or 6 million and getting 20 million plus young strikers on loan from the big EPL teams.
  10. My August signings were Leigh - left back from Bury - 500,000 Morgan - left wing from st mirren -1.3 million Livakovic - gk from Dinamo - 4.4 million Jan Signings Akanji - CB from Basel - 8 million Byram - RB from West Ham - 4.8 million Almiron - cm/am from Atlanta - 10 million total = 29 million Out Gamboa - 1.6 Lustig - 11.25 Rogic - 11 million total = 23.85
  11. The challenge of managing Celtic is to maintain domestic domination, bring through young players and do well in Europe - CL QF/SF/Winner. If its the team you support its natural to play as their manager first. I normally do about 5 seasons at Celtic then move onto either Spain or EPL.
  12. On mine I have no goals column. I assume there must be a way of showing it. Cant seem to find it though...
  13. I have the same issue and find it annoying. Its god to look back on goals sometimes. Can we get an official response on this ?
  14. signed a new keeper in august and a central defender and central/attacking mid in Jan. I got an 11 million offer for lustig in Jan so sold him too and replaced him with Byran from West Ham for 4 million. I will confirm my signings names when I get home. Up until Xmas my team was New Keeper Lustig (Ralston) , Sumunovic, Sviechenko, Tierney, Brown (BWM), McGregor (BTB). Sinclair (LIF), Roberts (RIF), Armstrong (AP), Dembele (CF) Nitcham, Ralston, Boyata, Ajer, Rogic, Hayes,Forrest and Griff all played a good few games too.
  15. Just finished my first season on Football Manager touch on IPad. Won the league comfortably and league cup playing 4-2-3-1. Finished second in my CL group with 10 points - Juventus, Celtic, Liverpool, A Madrid. Home wins over Juventus and Liverpool and drew with A Madrid. Beat A Madrid away. This was done playing a 5-2-1-2 formation with the width coming from the wing backs. Griff and Dembele worked well in this formation. Got knocked out in the last 16 by Barca.
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