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  1. Hi Robbles - just downloaded your latest file to play again. Impressive work with the prefectural leagues. Just wanted to ask, if I were to take the lowest club I could find, will I be able to bring it all the way up to J League 1 eventually? I was checking some of the rules for the Tokyo leagues, it somehow goes up till Tokyo something then ends there with some playoffs. Just wanted to know if it's possible so I can plan a long term save with it. Excellent work as always mate!
  2. Awesome, can't wait for the Malaysian and Thailand pyramids to be started.
  3. Tested it yesterday. Dual club + manager = Lethbridge & Canada. For some reason after I've finalised the 23 man squad for the first round of upcoming WC qualifiers, each time I click a player and sorta do some editing of the playing stats using the IGE, that player suddenly 'disappears' from the national squad and I'm unable to add that player back into the squad since it's finalised. Tried it with 2 more players and same thing occurred. So it left me unable to proceed past the Team Selection screen as I had less than the 23-man required for the national team right before the Canucks
  4. Dayum that's dedication indeed. You deserve a medal for your patience and passion! So far done with the Kanto qualifying for Emperor's Cup and onwards to the Shakaijin Cup Kanto Qualifying... Almost about to reach June for the start of the leagues. And thank you for bringing back Chanatip Songkrasin! Wasn't aware that he was the only Thai player I cannot find in both FM20 and FM21 without realising it was the licensing issues. Somehow it was weird cos the other Thai players in Japan such as Bunmathan/Kawin/Teerasil are all found. Strange indeed
  5. Ah nice. Thanks for the heads up. So far played till April and midway thru the Emperor's Cup qualifying - load times in between breaks seems way faster than my previous save file with the English pyramid. Impressive database and work too mate! Finding players like Inamoto, Nakamura, Miura still going strong at 53! Yokohama FC seems to be a retirement paradise for these >40 legends. Haha. Will probably download your latest XML file and use it for a future new career game once I'm bored with the current file. All is well so far though.
  6. Hmm, testing with Identy Mirai in the Kanto League Div 2 and noticed that I only have 9 league fixtures to play for the whole 2020 season. Is it correct? And for some reason when I click Club Info it doesn't work. Finances and Club Vision works though. PS: Ah re-read your first post on the Club Overview bug.
  7. Nicely done. I've been using your initial Step3 file since last week and so far all's well. Playing with Corinthian Casuals. Might just download the latest Step 5 file you've shared above and give it a go once I'm bored with my current save.
  8. Awesome, waiting for the Thai/Malaysian files. Keep up the great work mate!
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