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  1. Thanks for the latest update mate. Finally get to select Dial Square and try to bring them all the way up from L13!
  2. Where exactly are you based? I'm from Malaysia and able to buy FM21 via Steam and works well.
  3. Whoa, nice looking fonts on this skin mate. May I know what skin this is?
  4. Ah I see. Thanks a lot for the heads up mate. Wonder if anyone will go any lower than the current Level 11. So far that's the lowest I've come across on both FM20/FM21
  5. Nice. Looking forward to giving another go with the Japanese lower leagues. Awesome work as always!
  6. I see. Thanks. Anyways been using for file for some time and so far so good!
  7. Hey Messi, just wondering - is Dial Square FC in your file? Or are they much lower than Level 11? I'm not so familiar about the levels although on their website and league table, the teams mentioned are not really common in most of the Level 10/11 files I've downloaded so far.
  8. Nice, waiting for your Asian files. Will probably give another go with Malaysia/Thailand/Singapore.
  9. Any idea whether Dial Square will be in? Seems like they are much lower than the current Level 10?
  10. Hi Robbles - just downloaded your latest file to play again. Impressive work with the prefectural leagues. Just wanted to ask, if I were to take the lowest club I could find, will I be able to bring it all the way up to J League 1 eventually? I was checking some of the rules for the Tokyo leagues, it somehow goes up till Tokyo something then ends there with some playoffs. Just wanted to know if it's possible so I can plan a long term save with it. Excellent work as always mate!
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