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  1. are these the attributes you look for in your defense and midfield or for all players including wingers and striker?
  2. Do you post tactics in your YouTube page? I'm looking to see some of your tactics. I currently play fm21.
  3. For some reason this made me want to post here. Off the field pragmatism would be what Jose talks about here - making small incremental additions to a team over the years to set them up for success Like gegenpress tactics - it's not as flashy as signing a big name via transfers. Instead focusing on making small additions over the years to eventually becoming a top side. I think there needs to be written more on what being "defensive first" approach to managing a club in Football manager Not sure if anyone agrees but just my thoughts.
  4. What about when your team is in possession and NOT on the counter? I think that's what @fraudiolais talking about. when his team is set up in the opposition half - he wants his CM's to provide cover and not drift outside the box. even with hold position they still venture forward.
  5. Why is it important that the staff have the same play style? What happned if they dont? I saw this series - I'm still on fm21 so I didn't bother following it due to changes in tactics SI made from 21 to 23
  6. I'm using this on fm21 and it works great. The only issue is the possession numbers I have are over 50% which isn't very simione like. Also I score A lot of gols - not that it's a problem but often times I find my team is top in gols scored but like top 5 in goals against. I would prefer the other way around. End of the day FM views my style as fluid counter attack which is good.
  7. So when i recruit players my focus should be on teamwork, work rate and stamina as my squad dna?
  8. I'm trying to relocate Red Bull recruitment in my save with hungarian side Ujpest FC. Does anyone know what scouting assignments you would set for your scouts and which nations? I know one of them have to scout for first team aged maximum 23 years.
  9. so did anyone figure out a way to do this without adding a new manager for every club you own?
  10. can you send an attachement of the training schedule? i want to import and use on my save.
  11. What changes do you make to set up shop or to be more attacking when needing a gol?
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