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  1. will this compromise my side defensively? sometimes the FB stays deeper when my team is attacking and that helps to assist the two CB from being isolated when my team attack.
  2. thanks for the feedback. I agree with this as i noticed when my team attack, i have my two CD isolated with nobody else staying back to provide cover. do the BBM and the CM(D) function very similarly? Will the CM(d) still occasionally get into the box? i am asking because i sometimes get good goals from the BBm and still want some offensive contribution from the CM(D).
  3. This is the current tactic i am using and i would love if someone can provide feedback on improvements i can make to it. 4-4-2 - Attacking DLF(S) AF IW(A) BBM AP(S) W(S) Fb(S) CD CD Wb(A) out of possession instructions: standard Defensive line / Lower LOE More urgent pressing tight marking tackle harder force oppo outside Results are decent with torino - currently fighting for top 4. thank you in advance
  4. I noticed you have mr and ml marking dl and dr Do we change this to wbl and wbr if we're facing wing backs instead of full backs?
  5. Not sure if anyone still following this But this tactic is working wonderfully on fm21.
  6. Hey does this work for fm 21? Looking to take a mid table team like torino and make them play simeone type footy and take them to atheltico madrid type heights.
  7. Counter attacking Defensive football Atheltico madrid style
  8. Interesting - i am currently using a bbm with inverted wingers in a 4-4-2. He has been decent - not great but not bad either. what would you suggest fits better with the inverted wingers? my other cm in the 442 plays as a DLP(D) and i have tried to change it up by having both cm as DLP, one on S and the other on D. thanks in advanced.
  9. Where can I find this? Hmm maybe your right, I barely spend time on thinking about impact of roles and formation when I'm making a tactic. I spend more of my time focusing on team instructions and end up with too many.
  10. perfect and im assuming you use low to "see games out" or against heavy favorites in their backyard?
  11. do you think managers in real life tell players to play as a ninverted winger or as a regista? do managers in real life use these role names to tell playrs how they want them to play? ive always wondered this.
  12. I just went with the balanced one and didnt change a thing. which tactics would you reccomend for underdog vs being favourite or trying to score a goal last 10 mins after being down.?
  13. First game with Sunderland using these tactics - the 1 shot we got was in the 94th minute. theres barely anyone moving up to counter. the striker is isolated on counter. the wide midfielder isnt getting wide - all the play is central and congested. guys running into eachother.
  14. ....yeah this should be reported to SI as a bug. Shouldn't be able to achieve this so easily. Totally ruins the fun of the game and makes almost 90% of tatical aspects obsolete.
  15. pretty good result. lost 1-0 to juventus away as Torino FC. we missed a penalty or would have ended 1-1. they had 20 shots and 60% possession. every highlight was a heart attack. loved it
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