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  1. When you play your club's entrance music on iTunes/the Champions League anthem before you play a match.
  2. Not sure if it's been said before but what would be good too, is if in the news item for the stadium being completed/named, it told you the names of some of the stands. So for example Liverpool could move to a new stadium called 'Stanley Park' with 'The Bill Shankly Stand'. Then the further you get into the game, retired players could have stands named after them or possibly managers who've been very successful at that club. What do we think?
  3. Not funny when you set it up yourself. Anyone can do that.
  4. I think it'll be a rule. Probably signed him but couldn't fit him in the squad so they waived him.
  5. Danny Szetela anyone? Always stumped me since the days of FM 2007 and I've gone and signed him again!
  6. Is that not a spelling mistake too? Shouldn't it be 'De Jong stated that he is none too keen to move to a club in England'.
  7. [video=youtube;k3kF-lH7EMY] Ooooh ya beautyyyyy. 90th minute!
  8. He must just pass it sideways and backwards the whole time if there was only 1 key pass!
  9. It all depends on when the sackings come really. If people get sacked early on in the lower leagues then there'll be jobs available but if not you have to wait.
  10. Started unemployed with Sunday League rep on the demo and ended up at Woking at the start of November. That's the kind of thing I want in the full game, BSS/BSN is a decent place to start.
  11. Yeah sorry mate, took it the wrong way a little bit. Get what you mean + nice thread, great detail. Reckon it could be a good game on FM, get some success back to Liverpool, considering City might be a bit boring and easy.
  12. Yeah true, when you've been there before I bet you'd want to get back there. Being a City fan we've not been there yet to know what it's like Bet you lot are enjoying the Rooney saga as much as we are aren't you?
  13. No team has a divine right to be good all the time, no team deserves to be in the Champions League, why are Liverpool so different. Got nothing against you, I'd say it to any team. I supported you guys in Istanbul, I was a Liverpool fan that night celebrating as much as you guys probably were. And I don't know what Rooney has to do with things, I'd rather we didn't sign him to be honest.
  14. "Getting back to where we were" may have been a better name. You don't belong at the top, no team does.
  15. Man City season 2010/2011 GK: Given/Enyeama DR: Richards DL: Lahm DC: Chiellini DC: Lescott DMC: De Jong MC: Ireland MC: Barry AMR: Lennon/SWP/Ribery AML: Ribery/Robinho ST: Adebayor/Tevez/Delfouneso/Welliton
  16. This is the funny screenshots thread, not odd screenshots. I thought it was quite amusing that Shay Given won the shoot-out for me + it was one hell of a shoot-out.
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