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  1. Just started a save with Newcastle and turned budgets off in the first transfer window to add a bit of realism. Thought I'd be able to get one or two free transfers in but every time I've tried to it's been blocked due to insufficient funds. I've noticed when offering the player a contract, in the bottom right hand corner there seems to be something which says 'Transfer Budget Cost: £234k'. It's also prevented me agreeing a pre-contract with Keisuke Honda as there's costs related to that too. Thought that could be compensation but then it doesn't explain it for free agents. Never known a free transfer to require any money out of your transfer budget before. Anyone know the reason why?
  2. This. No club could get away with not paying a player a basic wage.
  3. Poster above is right. Much better to keep playing him and drum up more interest. At the end of the day, all he's said is he wants a new challenge. Hardly worthy of being thrown out the first team.
  4. Yeah, here you go. Finished 2nd unfortunately. I forgot to mention Torino were playing Fiorentina to make it even more huge! At one point they were drawing and us and Juve were winning, putting the top 4 teams all on 73 points. We'd have won it on the head to head rule. Just a crazy day all round. When I joined them in November they were 12th and wanted Europe so I'm delighted with Champions League next season. Only lost 2 games in the league since then! Still, it shows how tight it was that we even managed to get up there. I honestly don't know. Like I say above, I only came to Italy this season after 5 and a half seasons with Coventry City. It seems there was no stand-out team and quite a few teams who were around the same level and everyone was beating each other.
  5. I'm in 2016/17. I joined Genoa about a quarter of the way into the season so I'm not too sure what's gone on as I only followed Serie A loosely before I came. Inter won 2 titles then dropped down a bit but this is their worst season so far. They sacked Donadoni after only 5 months. Roma have been poor for the last 3 seasons, finishing in the bottom half. Not sure why though, would have to look into it.
  6. Has anyone had any particularly special title or relegation battles on any of their saves? I'm about to go into this one on mine. Last day of the season and any one of FOUR teams could win the league. Relegation is so tight as well, it's going to be incredible!
  7. You really didn't do enough to hide your name, Heath Davies
  8. Definitely sounds like a mistake! Surprised Cranie went for so much as I only managed to get £500k for him. That was in January of the first season though so not much time for him to attract people I guess. He's moved again since I sold him, from Doncaster to Norwich. Bit of a contrast in my save, I'm 2 games from the Premier League! 5 games left and we're 5 points clear from 2nd and 10 points from 3rd. We've been top literally all season so we really need to clinch it. So exciting to possibly play in the Premier League with them. Think I'd need to revamp the squad a little though!
  9. Unlucky mate, that does look harsh. Like you said, I think you really suffered for overachieving in the first season. You'd had a great start to the season as well! I presume the board upped the expectations a little bit? There was a point in mine where my job wasn't very secure and I was probably 1 game away from the sack! I managed to turn it round just in time, signed Sturridge and the rest is history. Are you going to keep the save going and join someone else?
  10. Never had him on FM12 but I was City on FM11 and I played him as AML, inside forward and he was sensational. Top of the assists for a few seasons and plenty of goals too. May have changed on FM12 though but you just have to keep him happy and not do anything to upset him.
  11. Of course it doesn't tell you how your team is playing. A team could create 2 clear cut chances from 2 counter attacks despite having a lot less possession. How about watching the match to see how your team is playing? Just an idea.
  12. It's been in the game for years, surprised people didn't know about it.
  13. We managed to continue our good start to the season and at the half-way point we're sitting 13 points clear at the top. We look good for promotion so far but I'm very wary about a dip in form happening at any time. My defensive signings have definitely worked and so far we've conceded the least. We've also scored the most but I knew the ability of my strikeforce! I was silly to neglect my defence in the first place, especially as one of my idols is the great Brian Clough who always built his teams from the back. Sturridge has been brilliant as I expected. I was so keen to hang on to him in the summer to let him have a crack at a full season in the Championship with a pre-season behind him and it's proved very successful. If he gets us up and then leaves and brings in a big fee then I'd be quite happy with that. Really feel like he could go and become a hero at the club now if we can get up and he can keep banging in the goals in the Prem! He's just broken the club record for goals (in all competitions) in a season with 25 and we're only in December! League table at the half way point: Fixtures so far: The record breaker: The man himself:
  14. Just a quick one lads. Never let Sturridge leave as you don't want it coming back to haunt you like it did with Michael Laudrup on my game. (I'm Coventry manager btw!) HA.
  15. All I can say is YEESSSS!!!! Absolutely incredible night at the Bridge!
  16. Lots of new signings! Hope they can improve your team. Surprised you let Amdy Faye go. He did two very consistent seasons for me before retiring. Class act the whole time and I wanted him on the staff but we couldn't agree on wages. Like you say, hopefully it can keep you up safely for another year and then you can improve even more when the money comes in. Gordon looks decent although I'd be worried about his finishing and technique. His mentals will come on naturally, just need to get him on a good schedule to get them technical attributes up. We've started the season in scintillating form! I may have finally found the right balance in my tactics and the right players in defence to give the league a decent go and push for promotion. Sturridge and Jutkiewicz are seriously on another level to most players in the league. I've mainly had Sturridge out wide on the left with Jutkiewicz upfront on his own. I think they'd be brilliant together, and the team are learning some other tactics, but right now 4-5-1 is working well and as they say 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it', so I won't! Big game up next against Wigan which will probably be our first real test of the season. If we can go there and win then I'd be incredibly pleased and that would probably make me believe we can stay around the top 2. Won't worry too much if we don't though as I know they're a good side!
  17. Work rate is the obvious one. That and their personality I presume.
  18. Image doesn't work for me. I've seen United go into admin in previous games and then get taken over but not in FM2012/
  19. :O Unlucky mate, I know exactly how it feels from my last season although I was never really in the play-offs much but blew the chance. To finish where you did in the first season is brilliant though, you've done a good job. Took me 2 seasons to even finish 8th! Looks like you relied on loans a little so this summer will be a test for you in terms of strengthening the squad properly to replace them. I've started the season with a 1-0 win at home to Watford with Sturridge scoring from a cross. Defence and midfield looked solid just lacked someone with that killer pass. The budgets have ran out though so I don't think I can get someone in. Will be relying on Bigi, Petrucci and the little creativity that Willo Flood possesses. [video=youtube;ssg5E60GXO0]
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