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  1. You can still do this. Go on team tactical overview and use the view to select whatever part of the tactic you want. Make sure you have a team picked.
  2. It should be a real achievement to have the majority of your team on 'superb' morale. It should take perfect blending and a good winning run.
  3. Doubt anything will be done about it unfortunately. I don't think a difficulty level is the right way to go but just something that will make it harder than this! It's fun when it's challenging and right now it isn't at all.
  4. It's the only way the game can deal with it. It may be unrealistic but the game cannot just randomly create another kit for the team's to play in.
  5. Presume the game feels that Ajax's away shirt is too light and would clash with Leeds' home shirt. Therefore it requires Leeds to wear their away kit in both games in order to avoid a clash.
  6. It's definitely felt too easy from what I've played. Playing as Coventry and started poorly then as soon as the team got used to the tactics and the match preparation went up we started winning with ease. Seems like tactics over rule player's ability. The impression I'm getting is that you could be playing as a Blue Square Premier team against Barcelona and as long as your tactic is good and your players know it, you'll win. Sometimes player's individual brilliance should shine through. There are some really good players in the Championship but there hasn't been one game where a player has really stood out and killed my defence. My defence isn't great and there's been some strikers who probably should have torn us apart and they've not. Also now when you get into bad run it's not too hard to get out of. There were times in FM2011 when playing as a poor team that it was hard to see when your next win would come and you could go for heaps of games without getting a win. Whether that's down to morale, I'm not sure. Losing by a big margin should completely kill morale and the challenge should then be to try and get it back up, sneak a win somewhere to break your bad spell. At the moment there's just no challenge, you can move through a game without having to do much.
  7. Quality skin this, big fan! Will definitely be giving it a try at some point.
  8. This means that they're too injured to continue and you need to take them off. If they have an injury forcing them to be replaced, their condition is what it was before they got injured. I seem to be getting a lot of injuries, anyone else getting this? Not sure if it's my training though or just the game throwing up loads. Not good when you have such a small squad and little money.
  9. Maybe cos we're not at release day yet. Once it's 00:01 it should be available.
  10. Got a job interview tomorrow so I'm setting everything up tonight, having a look around then get up in the morning to play for a few hours before I go!
  11. Do you mean downloading extra Brazilian leagues and just moving around there?
  12. Used to always be the team I support which is Man City but changed last year and started with my local side, Hyde FC, in the BSN. Tonight I'm starting with Coventry City who are my second team due to half of my family supporting them Not sure if I'll move clubs, see what I can achieve with them first.
  13. Don't know if subscribing may help or does that just bring up the news items for it?
  14. You need to sort your team's finishing out. Get off to the tactics screen, do a little bit of homework on your team's performance and make some changes which might make their finishing better. Think outside the box, turn time-wasting down so they don't rush their chances. Decrease the amount of long shots. It's either one of those days which happen to all teams or there's something you can do about it and you can try and experiment and see if you can solve it.
  15. I trust SI and Miles to keep all patches and updates free. I think it would be quite harsh to suddenly start charging for something which essentially fixes issues in the game.
  16. Depends if there is a release day patch, not heard anything about it yet.
  17. Depends how you play it like people say but for me, losing and disappointment at certain times is good and part of the fun of playing the game. If you take a team up a division then its a great challenge to keep them up. If you don't do it then that's just football.
  18. We're on BST a the moment and the activation servers will go live at 00:01 on Friday (Thursday night).
  19. The TV advert has never had any game footage in it I don't think, that's not what it's for.
  20. That awkward moment when they realise this is a Saturday 3 o clock game...
  21. "In field to Carrick who's got Yaya Toure onto him, Carrick gives it away... Yaya Toure is through on Van Der Sar... he slips it under him GOOOOOOAAALLLLLLLL!!!!!!"
  22. I can't get rid of Tevez! Nobody seems to want to pay the money or can afford his wages. How much did people get for him?
  23. 2D TV view with 4 information panels in the corners. One notch above the middle on speed, key highlights and extended for big games. Replays on. Like to watch the games and see how my tactics are doing and also analyse them afterwards using the performance analysis tools in the game.
  24. No, our stadium is actually called the Etihad Stadium now. The only exception being in UEFA competitions when sponsors names are not used for any stadium. It's not because of the fair play rule at all. We've changed the name of our stadium full stop.
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