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  1. But are we not at a stage now with FM, like with iPhones, where there's very little 'big' features they can add that aren't already included. It's already a phenomenal game, what more can they do to make it even better besides continually adding smaller features? The match engine will never look like FIFA, I think we all know and accept that. So besides that I'm unsure as to how they really make this game any more realistic as a football management sim than it already is. It seems to me like SI are now focusing on adding smaller, realistic features to the already fantastic game in order to fine tune it. It may just be my opinion but for me it's a brilliant game and I'm just not quite sure what huge features they could possibly add that would really improve the game. Maybe SI have some brilliant ideas for future releases that I haven't thought of. We know for a fact they read the feature requests on this forum and discuss/make a decision on putting them in the game. As long as they continue to do that, and add in others that they've come up with themselves, I'm happy for the smaller features to keep coming. You only have to look at the numbers that Miles is mentioning in his Twitter polls just to see how many new features there actually are. For me, at the price we pay, FM is great value for money. As long as they keep adding useful and realistic features and not removing anything, I'll continue to buy it
  2. I'm playing in 1440 x 900 with 175% zoom on a 2017 MacBook Pro
  3. Just had this injury in my 2019 beta save, something I've never seen before. Imagine it's very, very rare for it to occur in game but wondering if anyone else had ever seen it? Or is it a new thing? Don't want to say it's a bug as obviously it's completely possible, but something I never knew was in the game. Have I (and Isaac Hayden!) just been really unlucky here?
  4. This is a good question, and I would guess (and hope) that there is nothing added 'under the hood' as you say. I'm quite keen to build a custom tactic too, as I'd quite like to press high out of possession and then also play a bit of tiki taka while in possession. So I would hope the freedom to do that is possible if you get the right instructions and there's nothing hidden.
  5. Not true at all. If the attacking team is playing really wide, it doesn't mean you are defending with width. If the attacking team have the ball in a wide area, the back 4 can still be really narrow, with the opposite full-back (not dealing with the ball) being basically in the middle of the goal. The same applies if the play is coming through the middle. Some managers prefer a really narrow defence so there are no gaps to play through, even if the wingers for the attacking team are stood really wide. Then if the ball moves out to the wingers, the back 4 simply shift across to deal with it.
  6. Hope these have more of an effect this year. Too often on 2018 you could talk to your squad and nobody even react to what you said. I understand players probably don't have much of a discussion in a pre-match meeting, rather just listen to the coach, but it'd be better to get some sort of indication as to whether they're taking in what you're saying to them.
  7. Some of the passing on this game really is horrendous. I'm talking about Premier League players messing up easy passes. The amount of times I've witnessed my West Ham players play a 5 yard pass in the air only for the defender to come in and take it from them. Why do so many passes come off the floor?! It's so unrealistic. I've also seen so many times my defenders trying to make a pass out to the winger, who has a defender near him but not marking him tightly, and they basically pass it straight to the opposition defender. I completely understand that players will mess up passes but SI have got it all wrong, players are misplacing balls that elite Premier League players very rarely do in real life. It's ruining the game because if, like me, you enjoy watching your team play and enjoy watching the match highlights it's completely ruining the experience and frustrating the hell out of me because my team are making silly, basic errors that real players do not make.
  8. Frustrating that the popups for offside and fouls no longer pop up on 2D, it's a bit of a nightmare to understand when it's offside or a penalty without looking down at the commentary. If we had those and a smaller ball I wouldn't mind the new 2D at all.
  9. Temporary solution for me has been to swipe up to reveal all your open windows, add another desktop and then drag FM onto that one. It then functions very much the same way FM17 did with the 3 finger swipe. Good way to get around it until it's fixed.
  10. Are you sure? The stadium holds 52,000 so I doubt they give away almost 98% of their tickets to season ticket holders.
  11. Every tactical briefing I've had, it always says "there was very little reaction from the squad" to whatever I say. Is this meant to improve the longer I'm at a club or is it a completely pointless feature?
  12. The switch to a horizontal pitch on the match tactics screen isn't the best choice either in my opinion. List on the left and vertical pitch on the right was completely fine before.
  13. Really shouldn't be this way. You'd hope with a new game people wouldn't want elements of an older game back. I think some parts of the new UI look decent, mainly the new features like dynamics and the medical centre. However some of it just didn't need changing. I hope SI don't feel like they have to change the UI completely every year to justify the release of a new game. A more solid, consistent UI with great new features added each year would satisfy most people I'd have thought.
  14. Anyone else think the ball in 2D classic is too big? Looks like they're kicking a beach ball around. On the old 2D classic it was spot on but on FM18 it just seems massive when there's no real need for it. Not sure if it's because it now expands as it goes higher in the air but even on the floor to me it looks way too big.
  15. Yes!! Lowering the graphics quality has done it - cheers Neil! Should have tried that sooner to be fair, just presumed leaving it on 'recommended for my PC' would be best.
  16. Yeah still the same issue having taken these out and cleared the cache & verified the game files. Must just be a MacBook problem?
  17. Still the same for me even after doing this. Been like this all through the beta.
  18. How do you delete the cache on a MacBook, Neil? EDIT: Think I've found it now.
  19. The ball is still black in 2D classic for me Refuse to play the game until this is fixed, makes it a terrible experience.
  20. Is there any chance of the black ball in 2D classic for Mac users being fixed? I've tried playing the FM 18 beta but really cannot get into it playing 3D or with a black football. Keeps making me go back to FM 17. Please tell me this is fixed in the full release?!
  21. The ball in 2D classic is still black for me, even on the new update. (Playing on a 2017 MacBook Pro).
  22. I'm waiting for full release myself mate, just got a random save going at the moment to test the game out a bit but I'll probably get attached to it Wouldn't want a bug to mess something up in my game that I'm planning to play for months, however small it may be.
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