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  1. Yeah I was amazed he wanted to join me to be honest. Took me a while to decide whether to go for it as it has broken the wage structure I had in place but we can handle it and would be making profits every month if it wasn't for the loan! I do have some good strikers but I'm struggling to give them all game time. I often play with one upfront so I may have to let one go in the summer as 4 is a better number. I don't want to sell him but I know Jutkiewicz would bring in some much needed funds. I like your signings, good additions to the squad. I also signed Amdy Faye. He was very consistent for 2 seasons then retired and we probably missed him a little at the start of this season. Conor Thomas is on loan this season but I'm not sure he'll ever really make it to my first team unfortunately. I had to let Jordan Clarke leave as he got a bit big for his boots and expected to play more than he was. I also got a very good offer for Christie which meant he left, otherwise I would have kept him. Bigirimana is becoming a key part of my side. I've got him to learn how to dictate the tempo of games so he really seems to pull the strings in midfield next to Digkacoi who adds a bit of steel and tough tackles. Would love to make the play-offs this season and I think I can but Studge has gone off the boil a little recently. If I don't go up, the loan is due to be paid in the summer which means any money we make should stay within the club, hopefully giving me more money to strengthen. Then we can push on and try and get out of the league as there's some good players who want to join me, I just can't afford them! I had a 5 year plan to get them to the Premier League and we're on course at the moment!
  2. Wouldn't let me put it in the above post due to image rules but if anyone wants a screenshot from anything in my game, just ask I'm only in the 3rd season but might be able to help anyone who has started with or who is thinking of starting with Coventry.
  3. Started my save on release day and I'm now in February of the 3rd season (I know I should be much further but I went away for 7 weeks and play quite detailed!). Just knocked Swansea out of the FA Cup which was enjoyable. Squad: Table: My best win!: I incredibly managed to get this man in for free. He left Chelsea in summer 2013, turned down offers from Premier League teams yet was interested in joining Cov! Probably because he'd been there before. He tears it up in the Championship though as you can see from his stats. Him and Robbie Brady are a brilliant combination. Fernando Belluschi is keen to join me too, it's just a matter of finances but I think he would take me to another level entirely with Sturridge too. Probably champions!
  4. Brilliant, has answered all my questions. Thanks lads, appreciate those replies.
  5. Just start in the Bundesliga with Borussia Monchengladbach and it's my first time managing in Germany. Have straight away become confused with the U23 team situation. During the save I've seen news messages about 'Gladbach II' then when I click on them it takes me to my U23 team, but that team has no fixtures. I've also seen staff mentioned who are staff of Gladbach II but don't appear in my staff screen. I know some Bundesliga teams have a 'second/reserve' team in the lower leagues like in Spain but mine aren't and I'm not sure how it works. I can move people to my U23 squad but why is it called U23 and not 'Gladbach II'? Does anyone have any experience of playing there and know how it works?
  6. Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if they took most of it due to the financial situation! I meant will the money have already gone through at the start of the game or will it be transferred on the 1.7.2012? From your answer I presume it's the 2nd one. On my game I've got Luigi Bruins in on a free so far. I was impressed with his stats but my staff don't seem to rate him too highly. Was keen to get a creative midfielder who could operate from the centre mid position, as I thought we were lacking a little in that area a little. Organised some friendlies and got a feeder club in the 3rd Division who have taken 3/4 of my youngsters on so will be keen to see how they do there. Also, what's the situation with the U23 team. I've seen it referred to as Gladbach II but then it's not a separate team. This is my first time managing in Germany so not sure how it works too much.
  7. Going to start one with Gladbach tonight so I may do some updates. When Reus leaves at the end of the first season, do we get the money from his transfer or will it have already gone into the club?
  8. Cheers lads. Went for it and he got an assist on his debut and then a goal on his first start. Looking good so far! Will need to trim the squad down to re-correct the finances but this should make a huge difference to my team.
  9. Buying/Selling: Buying Player Name: Daniel Sturridge Your Team: Coventry City - In the Championship Buyer/Seller: Free Agent Player's Value: Free Offer: Wage: £9k p/w (he wants only £9,750) Transfer/Wage Budget: £2k over on wages. Patch: 12.1 Season: November 2013 He's been out the game since the summer and didn't even play for Chelsea last season. He's also rejected Premier League teams yet is very interested in joining me and I'm 15th in the Championship. Perhaps because he started off at Coventry? It would send me way over on my wage budget but from looking at it, it looks as though he'd want to join me. It says he's very interested. My loan is about to be paid off in Feb 14 and once it has been I'll be making a profit every month so going over on wages wouldn't have such a big effect. It would send me over budget but he'd be the best striker in the league, could take me to the Premier League or make me millions!
  10. Im sorry but that's not an idea i'd ever want in FM. Not a good idea.
  11. Are you serious? There's a photo of him! Course he's real!
  12. I've had this and believe it's a bug as the amount of I could offer a player went down and then back up in the space of a couple of days without me making any signings. Exact same situation as you, lots of money spare but couldn't offer it. Then suddenly I tried again and it was fine.
  13. It isn't a bug, you're simply suggesting a change to the game. It's always been like that. I agree there should be a separate stat for goalkeepers.
  14. That doesn't mean there should be 8/9 sackings in a league in one season. Teams seem to set their expectations too high and when their managers aren't achieving them they get sacked, despite the fact there's still tonnes of games to go. Teams should just have more patience and even if a manager doesn't do well or achieve the objectives, that doesn't mean they're sacked straight away. From what I've seen on my game, it needs sorting.
  15. Still, it shouldn't really happen. Even if clubs do get rid of their managers they shouldn't be swapping about within the league, that doesn't happen as much as it is in the game. Any word from SI about if this is a known issue?
  16. This made me laugh. You make it sound as though he's still good enough to play for England :')
  17. Can't say I've ever had one before this but I've mainly played in the higher leagues where most/all teams have undersoil heating.
  18. Never seen this before! Think it's a new feature? Game postponed on the day due to snow. Seems like we've had another winter full of snow and the Fratton Park pitch without under soil heating can't handle it!
  19. Some of the Championship ones happened on the same day, 2/3 I think. Anybody else had this?
  20. Presume you've placed it in a folder called 'tactic's in your SI/FM2012 folder? If so then go to the tactics screen in-game, on the left it says 'Add Tactic'. Click that and from there I think you can choose 'manage tactics' and import it in.
  21. Anyone else think there's an awful lot of managerial changes in the game? In my save I'm at Christmas and there's been both 6 teams in the Premier League and 6 teams in the Championship sack/change their manager. The most strange being Sam Allardyce being sacked from West Ham despite them being 6th, only 4 points from the top! Wolves and Sunderland basically swapped managers after Sunderland sacked Bruce and the same with Villa and Stoke after McLeish was sacked. Just seems a bit excessive to me at the moment and doesn't really feel very good when a certain amount of teams that you play have already changed their manager. I think the problem is either teams having too high expectations + no patience, or in the case of the Championship on my game, the better teams not doing well. Or possibly a combination of both. EDIT: And now Ipswich have sacked Jewell and Bolton have sacked Coyle so it's 7 each from the Prem and Championship as we go into the new year. Ridiculous.
  22. Same for me. It's rare for there not to be one in a match now. Game do usually have injuries but a lot of the time the players play on and don't need to come off. Every injury I get seems to require the player to be subbed.
  23. I've noticed this too. Seems to happen an awful lot. A player plays well so you praise him and he doesn't think he played well, despite being man of the match. Really annoying.
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