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  1. Cheers for such a detailed reply mate. I think you probably hit the nail on the head a bit in the last paragraph in that it's tweaking things and making changes to counter what the opposition are doing. So it's probably not about going out there all guns blazing but also not about just parking the bus and hoping for whatever you can get, but a bit in between based on what the opposition are doing. I think one of my issues with this is that I train my players to play a certain way and they build up great familiarity with a particular tactic, so when you make tweaks and changes they potentially might not be able to do what you're asking of them very well.
  2. Quite interested to get some people's thoughts on this after having some problems in my save. I'm playing as Manchester City, purely because I support them, and I'm 3 seasons in now. Since the start of my save I've seemed to struggle against the big teams, particularly when away from home and in particular against Manchester United. I've done a job on Chelsea a few times by both matching their 3-5-2 formation and hammering them on the flanks with overlapping full-backs but against Liverpool, Arsenal, Spurs and United it's often a bit of a struggle. I do play quite an expansive, attacking brand of football with short passing, playing out from the back and trying to press high when out of possession. Based on people's experience in their saves, is it best to give up on some of this and counter more when away from home against the big teams? I understand you can't go into every game all guns blazing and hope to just walkover every team you play. However I'd like to go into some of these away games and dominate possession as I believe I have the strongest squad in the league. Could it be about finding the balance between our usual style and more of a counter attacking style? Based on people's experience, is it better to sit off and not press in away games against the big teams even if it's against your usual way of playing? Do they pick you off far too easily if you go after them away from home? Just keen to get people's thoughts and see what experience people have had.
  3. I've also found this a bit on FM17. I'm playing as Manchester City and often struggle against United, particularly away from home. I think overall in my first couple of seasons my record against them is fairly even, they may have one or two more wins. I'm not a massive fan of sitting back and playing on the counter attack but it seems to be the only way to stop them. If I go to Old Trafford and play my normal expansive, attacking brand of football then they just seem to pick me off. I've had games where on the stats I've had a lot more possession, maybe 60-40, yet every highlight is them with the ball creating chances.
  4. It would be great if you could position your players exactly where you wanted them when the goalkeeper has the ball & when the opposition goalkeeper has the ball. For example if I wanted my team to play out through the centre backs, you could move them to the corners of the box and instruct your keeper to give them the ball. Then maybe further options for what the goalkeeper should do if he can't pass to certain players because they are marked, e.g clip it in to the full backs or wingers. The same for when the opposition goalkeeper has possession too, so you could instruct your players who to mark/press and what passes to cut off. This would allow you to develop more of a pressing/sitting off style of play. You could also set instructions such as to allow the opposition keeper to make the first pass and then the players press. Then opposition teams could also be the same, with some always playing out from the back from the goalkeeper (Pep style of play), some always going long and then some teams pressing really high when you try to play out and some teams standing off. This could also change depending on how well the players know your tactics. So when you first introduce a new tactic your players may not move to the correct positions, may do it slowly or may make the wrong passes. But then once they are familiar with the tactic and the instructions, they will be in the correct positions and be able to execute them correctly.
  5. Brilliant that they've put Brexit in. I was really against it happening but now it has to be featured in the game. Great that there are different scenarios too so it's not the same every time. Can't say I'd enjoy applying for work permits for European players but I'd much rather it simulate real life more closely.
  6. Must have a decent amount of memory I'd have thought uninstalling them would be better for the computer, speed etc.
  7. There's a thread about this in the bugs forum. Anyone suffering the same problem should post the info required in this thread so we can help the lads get it fixed ASAP. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/453887-missing-the-quot-match-stats-quot-window?p=10767372#post10767372
  8. The beta isn't usually midnight as, like they say, it's released when it's ready. They don't set a day so there's no reason to bring it out at midnight for the sake of it. It's likely to come during the day when everyone least expects it.
  9. Looks really good to me. I've continued to play 2D up until 2014 due to just not being able to pull myself away from it but this could be year I switch!
  10. Nobody knows for sure. The best guess is anytime between now and Friday night.
  11. The full game was November 1st as Halloween was 100% a Thursday (obviously it would have been midnight on 31st). Today is the day the beta would have been out last year, the Wednesday two weeks before release on the Friday.
  12. I've read back a fair way but still hard to understand; has it been established that there's an issue with finishing and dominating teams yet not scoring and then losing? Is it going to be fixed? If not I'll crack on and sort my tactics out. Just want to know what the general level of understanding is
  13. Not the ideal way round it but I managed to get Benayoun, Reveilerre and Honda to sign without loyalty bonuses or agents fees. Upped their demanded wage slightly, added more to the appearance fee and other clauses and they went for it.
  14. Just started with Newcastle on the new game after having a fairly successful career with them on 2013 before moving on to bigger things at Barca. I've turned budgets off in the first window to add a bit of realism and force me to work with the starting squad. I've sneaked Benayoun in on a free transfer though (he somehow accepted no loyalty bonus or agents fee!) and have approached Reveillere. Made an approach for Honda on a pre-contract too. Aiming to finish in the top half, as high up as possible, and also have a good crack at one of the domestic cups. Will probably go with my strongest team in the Capital One Cup and see how we get on. Will keep you all updated once I've progressed further.
  15. What did you set your reputation as at the start of the game? Sounds to me like you may have used 'Automatic' which would partly explain your struggles at United and the reason why you can't find a new job.
  16. Ahh that'll be it then, cheers guys! :-) Better get my negotiating skills out then and mug their agents off
  17. Just started a save with Newcastle and turned budgets off in the first transfer window to add a bit of realism. Thought I'd be able to get one or two free transfers in but every time I've tried to it's been blocked due to insufficient funds. I've noticed when offering the player a contract, in the bottom right hand corner there seems to be something which says 'Transfer Budget Cost: £234k'. It's also prevented me agreeing a pre-contract with Keisuke Honda as there's costs related to that too. Thought that could be compensation but then it doesn't explain it for free agents. Never known a free transfer to require any money out of your transfer budget before. Anyone know the reason why?
  18. This. No club could get away with not paying a player a basic wage.
  19. Poster above is right. Much better to keep playing him and drum up more interest. At the end of the day, all he's said is he wants a new challenge. Hardly worthy of being thrown out the first team.
  20. Yeah, here you go. Finished 2nd unfortunately. I forgot to mention Torino were playing Fiorentina to make it even more huge! At one point they were drawing and us and Juve were winning, putting the top 4 teams all on 73 points. We'd have won it on the head to head rule. Just a crazy day all round. When I joined them in November they were 12th and wanted Europe so I'm delighted with Champions League next season. Only lost 2 games in the league since then! Still, it shows how tight it was that we even managed to get up there. I honestly don't know. Like I say above, I only came to Italy this season after 5 and a half seasons with Coventry City. It seems there was no stand-out team and quite a few teams who were around the same level and everyone was beating each other.
  21. I'm in 2016/17. I joined Genoa about a quarter of the way into the season so I'm not too sure what's gone on as I only followed Serie A loosely before I came. Inter won 2 titles then dropped down a bit but this is their worst season so far. They sacked Donadoni after only 5 months. Roma have been poor for the last 3 seasons, finishing in the bottom half. Not sure why though, would have to look into it.
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