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  1. The switch to a horizontal pitch on the match tactics screen isn't the best choice either in my opinion. List on the left and vertical pitch on the right was completely fine before.
  2. Really shouldn't be this way. You'd hope with a new game people wouldn't want elements of an older game back. I think some parts of the new UI look decent, mainly the new features like dynamics and the medical centre. However some of it just didn't need changing. I hope SI don't feel like they have to change the UI completely every year to justify the release of a new game. A more solid, consistent UI with great new features added each year would satisfy most people I'd have thought.
  3. Anyone else think the ball in 2D classic is too big? Looks like they're kicking a beach ball around. On the old 2D classic it was spot on but on FM18 it just seems massive when there's no real need for it. Not sure if it's because it now expands as it goes higher in the air but even on the floor to me it looks way too big.
  4. Yes!! Lowering the graphics quality has done it - cheers Neil! Should have tried that sooner to be fair, just presumed leaving it on 'recommended for my PC' would be best.
  5. Yeah still the same issue having taken these out and cleared the cache & verified the game files. Must just be a MacBook problem?
  6. Still the same for me even after doing this. Been like this all through the beta.
  7. How do you delete the cache on a MacBook, Neil? EDIT: Think I've found it now.
  8. The ball is still black in 2D classic for me Refuse to play the game until this is fixed, makes it a terrible experience.
  9. Is there any chance of the black ball in 2D classic for Mac users being fixed? I've tried playing the FM 18 beta but really cannot get into it playing 3D or with a black football. Keeps making me go back to FM 17. Please tell me this is fixed in the full release?!
  10. The ball in 2D classic is still black for me, even on the new update. (Playing on a 2017 MacBook Pro).
  11. I'm waiting for full release myself mate, just got a random save going at the moment to test the game out a bit but I'll probably get attached to it Wouldn't want a bug to mess something up in my game that I'm planning to play for months, however small it may be.
  12. With the introduction of the Premier League 2 and the UEFA Youth League, I think it would be a really good time to introduce this feature.
  13. One thing that has bugged me a lot in the past is when players return from tournaments. When there's been a major tournament in the summer, it will usually end around the same time your players are due to report back for pre-season training (depending on what country you're in or when your pre-season starts). The players then come back from the tournament and are straight into pre-season training. These players are then also often the fittest in terms of their match sharpness, which makes sense, but theoretically means you could not give them any break and let them play on into the new season. It would be much better if you could, either before the tournament or when they are knocked out, assign them a certain holiday or break before they return the training - like what happens in real life. I know you have the extended leave option currently but that is only available for players that are tired and need a rest. We have seen in real life players like Alexis Sanchez and Claudio Bravo report back to their clubs a week before the season starts because they made it to the final of the Confederations Cup. It would be good to replicate this so the further players go in a tournament, the more of pre-season they would miss. It'd give you an extra challenge as to building up their match fitness slowly and integrating them into the team if they have missed all of your friendly games. At the moment it just feels like the players that go to major tournaments are not treated any differently to the rest of the squad unless they are super-tired. When in real life this is not the case and the international players are given their holidays at different times to the rest of the squad.
  14. They won't be bringing back another 2D option, Marc. The current 2D classic in FM18 is a hybrid of the two previous 2D modes and will be improved and developed before full release.
  15. I've noticed while playing the game this year that so many passes are played off the floor when there is no need. This is not realistic at all, players don't play 5-10 yard passes in the air with no player in between to play it over. I played 2D classic on FM 2017 so if this has always been the case I would never have noticed it until now. It just looks so unnatural and unrealistic to me when players are playing so many passes in the air. I'm playing with Everton so the players should be able to pass the ball on the floor.
  16. I'm 8 games into my save with Everton and I've held a pre-match tactical briefing before each one yet the players haven't reacted to a single thing me or my assistant has said. Every time I say something it says the squad had very little reaction. Is this due to me being a new manager at the club or is it a bug? Surely they'd have something to say. It's a pretty pointless feature if the players don't ever react to what I'm saying to them.
  17. On a side note from this thread, can you show me the tactic you’re using here mate? Via personal message if you want. Just interested to see how you’re using a 2-3-2-3 and how it’s working. No worries if not.
  18. Fair enough, Neil. I accept the reasoning behind removing the old one. Look forward to see the development and improvement of the new/current 2D view then for the full game.
  19. As far as I can see, the 2D Classic from FM17 has gone and what was called '2D' on FM17 is now called 2D Classic on FM18 and the original 2D has gone. Does anyone else agree? I don't understand how people are saying that 2D classic is still in the game. The option is but it's completely different to how it looked last year. Bit gutted they've taken it out, I'm like many others in that I watched 2D with 3D replays on. It's a shame they feel the need to force everyone onto the 3D when there seems to be a solid following of people that still play 2D.
  20. Can't seem to swipe between desktops like I used to be able to on a MacBook. Used to be able to use 3 fingers on the trackpad to swipe onto FM in full screen and then back to my normal desktop again. Any way around this?
  21. Hope this has been looked at for the new game. Ederson at Manchester City is the perfect example of a sweeper keeper. I want to press high which means I need a high defensive line and a goalkeeper that can come and sweep up through balls behind them. This doesn't seem possible at the moment. I'm not sure a sweeper keeper should be about the passes they play. It should be how keen they are to come out of their area to pick up through balls behind the defence and their starting position for this.
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