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  1. 6 minutes ago, kingjericho said:

    Long balls over the defense are taking the fun out of this game. It really doesn't matter if it has to do with the DL/LoE, it just happens way too much and basically 70% of my matches' highlights come from this. :( I'm not a tactics expert so when I had a killer tactic for FM19 I was thrilled to use it for years to come, lo and behold as the long balls made it impossible to have a decent run of games this year.

    Have you tried putting one of your centre backs on a 'cover' duty?

    I definitely think there's a problem but this seems to be reducing it and helping me to defend against them a little bit.

    I usually choose my fastest centre-back to do this.

  2. Finished my season with Coventry in 2nd place in League One. This was clinched on the final day of the season by beating AFC Wimbledon.

    Hiwula was brilliant all season finishing with 39 goals in all competitions, and I'm now just waiting to see if he wins the Player of the Season award. He should be a shoe-in for that! Dabo finishing top of the assist chart was a real positive too, especially from wing-back.

    My best XI shows the formation I used throughout the majority of the season, occasionally switching to a 5-4-1 when away from home and not favourites to win. This worked well, especially with the pace of Hiwula upfront in behind.

    That'll probably become my main system for next season in order to play on the counter in the Championship. I'll now also have a full transfer window to recruit specifically for that formation and get some good, hardworking wingers on board to play in front of the wing-backs.

    Excited for the challenge in the Championship but also hopeful that this will have put me on the map to other clubs higher up.

    Screenshot 2019-12-23 at 19.22.23.png

    Screenshot 2019-12-23 at 19.23.23.png

  3. I've played 25 games with Cov so far and currently sitting 2nd in the league. We had a pretty average start but then started picking up much better results as the squad gelled together and I worked out my best system and line-up. I've largely been playing a 5-2-1-2 with O'Hare behind Godden and Hiwula.

    Hiwula has been brilliant and is currently the league's top goalscorer. 

    Just got to January and managed to sign Vernon Anita on a free. Doesn't really suit my current system but long term I'd like to play a 4-3-3 and he should be the perfect anchorman for that. I'll probably gradually bring it in this season and then go for it permanently next season with a few more signings. However I may need to rethink that if we get promoted! May be best sticking to a 5 at the back.

    Still going strong in the EFL Trophy, with Wycombe up next in the quarters and I'm through to the fourth round of the FA Cup to play Luton away. So generally going very well so far and hopefully we can carry on towards promotion to the Championship.

    Screenshot 2019-12-11 at 21.52.19.png

  4. 3 minutes ago, Novem9 said:

    I have a fun with gradually creating a top-crew from Kaiserslautern, but FM still not a good for journeyman save.
    IMO manager of football club have no much power as Alex Ferguson or Wenger. But we have the same in FM20 yet.
    It needs more power for DoF and Board's activity. Possibly it could be like classic mode and modern mode because part of player want to keep a spirit of classic FM.

    Don't think everybody would enjoy this though. Some people want to have control of everything. It may not be totally realistic but I like how FM gives you the choice.

    I often delegate stuff that a real life DoF would do to my DoF in the game, such as hiring and firing academy staff. I also let my youth development manager renew the U18s contracts. 

    At least FM gives you the option to set it up how you want. If a lot of it was done already by the game without being able to turn it off, it would put off a lot of people.

  5. 56 minutes ago, Pedroig said:

    @TheInvisibleMan I've been PC since I got off C64...  So don't know about Numbers.  As a random guess I'd bet it has something to so with the formulas looking at different sheets in the workbook.  I'll see about putting it all on a single sheet and/or saving in Numbers format and throwing it up as an alternative, IF you promise to test it to see if it works..  ;)

    Sounds like a deal! :thup:

    Don't worry if it's too difficult. I had a play about with it on Numbers but it was a bit beyond me as how to fix it and make it work.

  6. 11 minutes ago, bleventozturk said:

    Another good example. 23 should be close to attacking 30, and defending 5 should be where 23 is.

    The problem is, that this is not just one off bad positioning moment. It happens in every attack.

    Not sure it's as clear cut as that.

    Some managers want their defenders to stay central, some are happier for them to step out and deal with things in wide areas.

    It's not as simple as certain players should be closer to others.

  7. This is really impressive. The tactical periodisation stuff is exactly how some coaches plan their training in real life and I've never seen anyone bring it to FM before.

    Going to give it a try, have a play about and see how I get on.

    Don't suppose there is a Mac version (numbers)? @Pedroig @FMathlete

    Tried opening it in Numbers but the formulas don't carry across.

  8. Just now, Champfan10 said:

    Yeah the wide players are the main support, they get a lot of goals from the overlapping wing backs picking them out from crosses or general interplay between them.

    If its a slow building attack we can get 6 or 7 player in and around the 18 yard box, but we regroup defensively so have plenty of players behind the ball if countered.

    My without the ball looks as it does above but with the ball it looks like the following:-


    I like it mate, thanks for sharing that :thup:

    Such a flexible shape. A lot of people think of 5 at the back as really defensive but it can be just as offensive as a four if you use the right roles and instructions.

  9. 20 minutes ago, Champfan10 said:

    @MattStatto this is the shape I've got working at the minute, been using it as a base for 2 and a half seasons now with the odd tweak. The keeper gets a lot of clean sheets as well, not as efficient as creating chances as yours though.




    Intrigued by this as I'm also a fan of a 3-4-3. Do you find that your wide players get up to support the striker with the wing backs overlapping? 

    A 3-4-3 can be really hard to play against if the front 3 is narrow and up with the striker in attack and then wider and alongside the centre-mids in defence.

  10. 14 minutes ago, Jack Joyce said:

    We did make some changes to the way teams set up against larger sides yes. Too often they were going 'very defensive' mentality for 70-80 mins of the game which was a bit too extreme and led to a lot of 30-40 shot games for the bigger side. You should find that smaller teams will play a bit more realistically now with a plan to catch you on the counter. This will largely in part be driven by the AI manager's attacking attribute, but e.g. i've seen a match here where Bournemouth play on 'Balanced' at home to Arsenal which is something that wouldn't have happened before.

    This sounds great :thup: 

  11. 11 minutes ago, Rwilliams90 said:

    Tried knap's 'Sympathy for the Devil' tactic and played a few games with it.

    It seems to have solved the issue of blasting the ball into the side netting and players are now cutting the ball back from the byline. My strikers are now scoring goals whereas before they weren't even involved in the game.

    It encourages a style of football that I really don't want to play and I'd rather tinker with my own tactics, but it's making the ME experience bearable.

    I do still think it's a bug with certain formations though.

    Can you post a screenshot of the instructions?

  12. 7 hours ago, Ailleurs said:

    You should try to set "shoot Less Often" to all your players except your striker, you will see a lot of improvement in your tactics...



    But this is the problem. Whether this solves the issue or not, I don't want to have to tell all my players except the striker to 'shoot less often'. That's not what I want my players to do. I want my wingers cutting in and shooting, and my central midfielders shooting from the edge of the box.

    We shouldn't have to compromise on instructions and use specific instructions like this simply to solve match engine issues.

  13. 4 minutes ago, isignedupfornorealreason said:

    Looking at the bug forums and some of the threads are a bit bullheaded about this... But, one user suggests that he gets better use of a lone striker if you offset them to the FCL/FCR positions rather than the FC position. You could try that and see if improves things?

    That's interesting, will give that a go. Thank you for that.

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