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  1. I'm playing in 1440 x 900 with 175% zoom on a 2017 MacBook Pro
  2. Just had this injury in my 2019 beta save, something I've never seen before. Imagine it's very, very rare for it to occur in game but wondering if anyone else had ever seen it? Or is it a new thing? Don't want to say it's a bug as obviously it's completely possible, but something I never knew was in the game. Have I (and Isaac Hayden!) just been really unlucky here?
  3. You have the wrong Adam Johnson as a data analyst for WBA. The correct one is a free agent in the game (ID: 28110528) and used to work for Leicester City and Newcastle United. Proof here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adam-johnson-26766385/
  4. The dark and light skins are far less purple, I'll probably be using one of those. Always used the light on in FM18 too.
  5. Yes, but I was referring to the fact it's unlikely to be midnight tonight if it is tomorrow.
  6. It's a new dawn, it's a new day and I'm feeling even beta than yesterday. Fingers crossed for today folks.
  7. Absolutely. Not sure what else he can say besides expect it on Friday and before that is a bonus.
  8. He'll be sat in his office reading this thread laughing at us all desperately waiting for the beta
  9. This is a good question, and I would guess (and hope) that there is nothing added 'under the hood' as you say. I'm quite keen to build a custom tactic too, as I'd quite like to press high out of possession and then also play a bit of tiki taka while in possession. So I would hope the freedom to do that is possible if you get the right instructions and there's nothing hidden.
  10. Not true at all. If the attacking team is playing really wide, it doesn't mean you are defending with width. If the attacking team have the ball in a wide area, the back 4 can still be really narrow, with the opposite full-back (not dealing with the ball) being basically in the middle of the goal. The same applies if the play is coming through the middle. Some managers prefer a really narrow defence so there are no gaps to play through, even if the wingers for the attacking team are stood really wide. Then if the ball moves out to the wingers, the back 4 simply shift across to deal with it.
  11. Hope these have more of an effect this year. Too often on 2018 you could talk to your squad and nobody even react to what you said. I understand players probably don't have much of a discussion in a pre-match meeting, rather just listen to the coach, but it'd be better to get some sort of indication as to whether they're taking in what you're saying to them.
  12. I've recently switched from using 10-14 instructions to only a couple based on what I've read from others on here, and I'm loving it so far. Because I used so many before I felt like if I wanted to play a different way I had to remove loads of instructions that I felt defined what my team was about. Whereas now it feels a lot easier to play in a different way and use the mentality and team shape options a lot more. Now suddenly it looks like my players are playing with much more freedom, even without using that specific TI! They're no longer restricted by what I'm telling them to do, they seem to be playing freely but at the same time paying attention to the small number of instructions I've given them. It's totally changed my outlook on tactics within the game and I'm now using the intructions to define my brief style of play (shorter passing, high pressing, high defensive line & plenty of width) and then tweak things within the game that I feel need changing.
  13. Some of the passing on this game really is horrendous. I'm talking about Premier League players messing up easy passes. The amount of times I've witnessed my West Ham players play a 5 yard pass in the air only for the defender to come in and take it from them. Why do so many passes come off the floor?! It's so unrealistic. I've also seen so many times my defenders trying to make a pass out to the winger, who has a defender near him but not marking him tightly, and they basically pass it straight to the opposition defender. I completely understand that players will mess up passes but SI have got it all wrong, players are misplacing balls that elite Premier League players very rarely do in real life. It's ruining the game because if, like me, you enjoy watching your team play and enjoy watching the match highlights it's completely ruining the experience and frustrating the hell out of me because my team are making silly, basic errors that real players do not make.
  14. They always seem to be overpowered. SI must have a few United fans working for them, after all they are based in London
  15. Frustrating that the popups for offside and fouls no longer pop up on 2D, it's a bit of a nightmare to understand when it's offside or a penalty without looking down at the commentary. If we had those and a smaller ball I wouldn't mind the new 2D at all.
  16. Temporary solution for me has been to swipe up to reveal all your open windows, add another desktop and then drag FM onto that one. It then functions very much the same way FM17 did with the 3 finger swipe. Good way to get around it until it's fixed.
  17. Are you sure? The stadium holds 52,000 so I doubt they give away almost 98% of their tickets to season ticket holders.
  18. Every tactical briefing I've had, it always says "there was very little reaction from the squad" to whatever I say. Is this meant to improve the longer I'm at a club or is it a completely pointless feature?
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