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  1. At work at the moment so can't post screenshots, but I'm having a lot of success with a 4-3-3 that was originally built to try and get inside forwards to work how I want them to (driving at the opposition goal and scoring lots of close range finishes), but also includes two CMs with license to get involved all over the pitch. My attacks, as a result, have five players around the box with width coming from the fullbacks. With fast, hard working players who can dribble it works like a treat. The two number 8's are an AP attack and a BtB support, with a half back in the DM slot. The team is set t
  2. I'm a Spurs fan. I also have a soft spot for Newcastle, for family reasons, and Sheffield Wednesday, as I've lived in Sheffield for a long time now. So my three least favourite teams in England are Arsenal, Sunderland and Sheffield United. All of them play in red and white... so I won't manage any team that has red as their main colour, and I'll never sign a player that has previously been on Arsenal's books. Now that I've typed that out it does seem a little silly... them's the rules though!
  3. Halfbacks They're the first position I start with when building a new formation. If I can't get one in (say, because of a three man defence) I always try and have a CD who can build from the back instead. I love the way they slot in to the back line when I set my fullbacks or wingbacks to charge forward.
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