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  1. At work at the moment so can't post screenshots, but I'm having a lot of success with a 4-3-3 that was originally built to try and get inside forwards to work how I want them to (driving at the opposition goal and scoring lots of close range finishes), but also includes two CMs with license to get involved all over the pitch. My attacks, as a result, have five players around the box with width coming from the fullbacks. With fast, hard working players who can dribble it works like a treat. The two number 8's are an AP attack and a BtB support, with a half back in the DM slot. The team is set to more expressive, run with ball, play narrow and underlap.
  2. I'm a Spurs fan. I also have a soft spot for Newcastle, for family reasons, and Sheffield Wednesday, as I've lived in Sheffield for a long time now. So my three least favourite teams in England are Arsenal, Sunderland and Sheffield United. All of them play in red and white... so I won't manage any team that has red as their main colour, and I'll never sign a player that has previously been on Arsenal's books. Now that I've typed that out it does seem a little silly... them's the rules though!
  3. Halfbacks They're the first position I start with when building a new formation. If I can't get one in (say, because of a three man defence) I always try and have a CD who can build from the back instead. I love the way they slot in to the back line when I set my fullbacks or wingbacks to charge forward.
  4. Hi. In the last year in-game I've signed a few young players who failed to get work permits, yet are still available for selection in the Championship (I had expected to loan them out until they got enough caps for a WP). Is this working as designed? I've noticed a couple of Steam threads like this one: http://steamcommunity.com/app/624090/discussions/0/1698293255135226559/ reporting the same issue, but nothing else in the bugs forum or on here. Thanks. Edit: If it matters, I'm in 2029 and have a hard Brexit to deal with.
  5. Really? That's good to know, cheers. I've always assumed structured would make the players stick to their positions... and in the formation I described above their positions are compact and close to each other. I find it works well for less talented sides, and for more defensive formations.
  6. Forgot to mention... I also use structured (or rigid, or whatever it's called nowadays) so that the team stays compact.
  7. My standard defensive formation across the last few iterations of the game might work for you, it seems to fit your players. GK and back 4, fullbacks on support or defend, central defenders on defend. Two DMs, one as an anchor or DM (defend), one as a supporting DLP. RM and LM set as wide midfielders on attack, AMC set to support or attack, as an attacking midfielder or advanced playmaker, and a target man or advanced forward, on either support or attack. I play a bit narrow with a defensive mentality, slower tempo, and shorter passing, I find it makes for a really compact team that can retain the ball well even when they're not better passers than the opposition. Goals come from the wide men and the striker.
  8. I've taken Wednesday up in the first season, and am now an established top 10 Premier League side in season 3. Took some opportunistic loan signings in the first season, and a total overhaul of the squad following promotion. The big thing I've noticed is that the chairman has gone cash crazy, he keeps throwing money at me. Tens of millions of pounds. I've had my budget increased by £30m a go twice this season, and once the season before.
  9. I've always found I'm ok playing balanced or fluid in the lower leagues so long as I've got more intelligent players with better movement that the other teams, but you may have a point. I'm wary of rigid short passing tactics as I sometimes think they lead to a lot of passing and ball retention but no (calculated) risk taking that creates chances (60% possession but lose 1-0)... but that's maybe because I've only tried them with conservative formations like 4-5-1. I like your idea of switching mentalities in bursts during the game... not something I've considered before except when defending a lead or chasing a deficit.
  10. It will just take a bit of time. You'll find that before Christmas your squad are familiar enough with your tactic(s) that you can start to shift your focus elsewhere.
  11. Hello all. My game so far: Started with Gateshead, playing a short passing 4-1-3-2. Stormed the first half of the season, faltered a bit after Christmas but hung on to clinch the title. I then made a terrible mistake in the close season and let half my squad go, thinking I could use the wages to replace them with League 2 standard players. Unfortunately Gateshead's lowly reputation meant the only decent player I could attract was a promising 14 year old Polish child who promptly broke his arm unpacking his suitcase. The other newcomers ended up being the same or worse as my promotion winning heroes I'd released, with the added disadvantage that only half of them spoke English, none spoke Geordie, and they were a bunch of strangers. By October I was rock bottom with no wins, no money, and a pitch that was in a worse state than the local park. I resigned in shame. Fast forward to January and Bradford came calling. 23rd in League 1 but with a decent squad, a proper ground, and plenty of potential. I accepted the job, used the end of the transfer window to bring in some technically gifted players, and set out optimistically to climb the table. It's now March and I'm still 23rd... I am determined to play a short passing game based around retention of possession and winning the ball back quickly. I am currently playing 4-5-1, standard and balanced: back four of a stopper, cover and two supporting fullbacks, two DMs (one anchor/defend, one DM/support), two wide midfielders on attack, an AM as an advanced playmaker on support, and a poacher. My boys are instructed to retain possession, play short passing and slow tempo, play narrow, and to hassle opponents. I am poor in the air and physically compared to the rest of the league, but am in the top 3 or 4 for passing, technique and in the other fancy dan areas. My thinking is that I want to be defensively solid, with two screening players and a narrow midfield, and stop losing. A few draws and the odd win will hopefully get my morale up and help me catch the teams above. Going forward I look great, and have been scoring some fantastic Bradfordcelona goals, but I am still conceding 2-3 a match. I seem to be particularly hopeless when the computer goes on the attack... a common pattern in my games has been for me to dominate the first 30-60 minutes (even against top 5 opposition), but when I score and the opposition react by upping the tempo they blow me away every time, netting 2-3 goals quickly. I'm conceding from all over the place as well, there's no real pattern or obvious point of weakness. I am considering shifting to defensive and rigid, but am worried that will mean I sacrifice the good attacking play I'm managing at the moment. Other than that I'm baffled. I've been playing CM/FM since the start, and in the recent iterations of the game I've always managed to be defensively solid quite easily (normally I struggle to turn draws into wins). Given I'm stubbornly refusing to play hoofball, any and all advice or suggestions welcome. Thanks!
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