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  1. Yup using winzip. Any issues? Said it is corrupted and didn't show any files. File size is 47.5 KB and 22.5 KB. The latter being the language file.
  2. Thanks jod123, I finally can change the fitness... the amount of injuries you get is just uncommon.
  3. The zip file I downloaded, all can't be open.... Anyone can host?
  4. Can someone host build 85? RapidShare just refuses to work for me.
  5. SoftAnchor "Get the most out of every copy of your software." So far speaking from experience. The most SoftAnchor got out of me is most frustration, most disappointment. I have never have so much problem getting a software to work out of the box. Not like this. Not even Microsoft Windows XP which have an elaborated registration process.