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  1. The release is 9th November. It seems that they enabled pre-purchase from FM store. https://www.footballmanager.com/games/football-manager-2022#desktop
  2. Rotate the team a little bit. Give players some rest. Otherwise they will jaded and their performance will drop. I don't mean that you should play every game with different XI but rest key players once in a while or at least sub them off early if you are comfortably ahead. Yout reputation is lower than their would be my guess. It will slowly increase but this is the main obstacle of national league to PL saves. If you go up quicky your reputation might be two leagues lower than you are and players will pretty much ignore you. (Top L2 teams will be more attractive than your Championship team.) If they don't want to come for a trial but they are willing to sign as star/important player, they are usually quite decent. Sometimes they aren't and you just waste money.
  3. Right now, everyone can see teams interested in any player. That's quite unrealistic. In my opinion it would be better if you remove the "wnt" sticker (green rectangle next to a name) and moved the information to the conversation with agent when you ask about availability. It could be enhanced by some agents being dirty liars. Some agents would claim that there are a lot of teams interested to increase the interest in the player. Some agents would claim there are no interested teams. It could also depend on the player's happiness - if the player is unhappy his agent might throw around tons of "big" teams interested. (relative, not Real Madrid interested in national league player).
  4. Scouting, free transfers, loans and trials - the difference between teams from VNN/S to L1 is very small and there are so many free players available.
  5. Notice: I have used a edited database with real name fixes. Title explains the issue. I didn't manage the game or set the squad (I kept the squad which played the last match). I leave friendlies to my assistant manager. Tactics screen with players clearly on international duty: Post match screen:
  6. Sometimes top players from worse countries are not able to get work permit directly in England. Adding this promise would increase the likelihood of them joining even without work permit and they would expect to be loaned for a year / half a year and then demand transfer if no work permit is obtained. On top of that it would be nice if there was minimum fee realease clause if no work permit is obtained in a year.
  7. Thank you for your reply. No, only one DM. Do you need two? If yes, then I'm sorry for posting this but it could be useful to indicate it in some way.
  8. The segondo volante role is not aviable. Picture say everything.
  9. @Abdullah Patel Thank you very much for looking at this issue: >Is this happening with players that are definitely in the first team squad? Yes, I have players in first team which are not in the drop down. However, if I filter players to show also U18 squad they (U18, not first squad) players appear in drop downs. (Picture showing possible replacements with U18 filtered in attached below.) > Does this only happen when trying to replace a player in the starting XI? No, it happens with subs too. Pic attached:
  10. A little bit more information: It happens after a match - before match everything works, after a match it is broken. Are there any updates on this? I would like to make sure that it is fixable and I can continue with my save and fix it later.
  11. I have the same issue (only players in first XI show in the dropdown menu). It seems to be connected with the save file because if I load older save it works. I can provide save files before and after this bug appeared if necessary. EDIT: Added picture - you can see that I have more than three players who can play CM but the drop down shows only those in starting XI.
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