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  1. There are two options to training. General training and individual training. Give your assistant 'General Training' And keep individual training to yourself
  2. The issue doesn't seem to be the player ratings. It's the difference between leagues played in full detail and not.
  3. I use a 4-3-3 Wide with a DM and 2 CMs. My style Is a high tempo pass and move and it's done me quite well with Southampton won the league in my third season. I think the ME is far from perfect, for example, my wing back tends to hit the opposition full back more often than not and my striker occasionally has **** ratings but I think that's more down to the opposition defence marking him out of the game.
  4. I'm not sure if the ME just favours different playing styles. The only issue I was having was my AP (S) getting **** ratings but turned out it was the player and now I'm golden. Have been enjoying it alot more than FM20.
  5. Also Full backs aren't caught offside 10 times a game
  6. I mean wow I hope you transfer listed your first XI after that
  7. Now I have started a new save since the hotfix and I haven't noticed big problems (yes some things can still be improved but I can play again and enjoy the game) so reading this still I'm wondering was the hotfix save game compatible?
  8. Anybody else notice anything like this? Just noticed it randomly after I praised his goal scoring after putting 2 past Bayern Munich and he wasn't happy with my praise!
  9. I do still think the ratings could be improved but I don't find it anywhere near as bad as before the hotfix. My centrebacks however are usually my most consistent performers the lowest rating they have gotten is a 6.8 (unless they make a mistake leading to a goal)
  10. Have you updated the game? Check for updates as soon as mine updated it was back to normal
  11. I know they can't commit to when it will be fixed but a quick message stating if this will be hot fixed or if it will be corrected in the next patch would go along way to manage my expectations.
  12. I can't recommend starting a new save until the match ratings bug is fixed. Personally the game isn't enjoyable for me in it's current state. You may find it enjoyable, but seeing my full backs get **** ratings game in and game out and not be able to do anything about it is infuriating. But that's just my two cents.
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