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  1. I have no idea. I do not use editors. I expect that game provides +- realistic curve for stats. Not like in a game player is 30 old and 15 pace and in 1 season it will drop to 10 or 11. And the next year in fm he will have 15 or 14...
  2. - broken stats - broken crosses - broken players ratings can you run a game without it? yes so it is not critical can you enjoy it? ofc not maybe they will get record sales next year also but for sure without me ah and minor problems: insane physical degradation after 30 or 31 players demands new contract after 1 year of brand new for 5 years goalkeepers no do not follow personal instructions and hoof the ball to the opposition and some more things that i forgot for the last few month without a game
  3. the problem is that sometimes there is no activity from SI is there is no activity in a topic...
  4. Huge plus for away games even made a topic some time ago but there was no response from SI
  5. Supporting multiple versions of ME equals to support of multiple games. For sure nobody will do it. The thing is that game should evolve over time and become better and better with less and less bugs. But for some reason it is not happening
  6. i can see alot of blocked crosses even on extended highlights. +1
  7. Club vision/promises and many other things are very buggy. Unfortunately game is like beta test from its release... Btw Andres Garcia is already 22. Most likely you have 1 or 2 years for his development. Start looking for a new striker
  8. Exactly. I am watching at least extended highlights. Managed to play 2 seasons and there will be no more if this is not fixed.
  9. Actually i am also not playing it because of broken crosses...
  10. take a look at this post in away games looks like players abilities are divided by 2
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