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  1. Played a few games and it seems to be bak on track! I see that the media page tries to pop up when I hit continue on the pitch view. But I guess it immediately disappears cause I am managing a lower league team and no-one cares much at that level. Cheers for investigating and to the team for the *fingers crossed* fix!
  2. Hey Tony In my instance. I go to the team talk - do a full team talk, then defenders, midfield, then attack. Then hit continue. That takes me to the pitch view, to which continue no longer works.
  3. Dang. Thats what's killing me – the morale drop because of it.
  4. Do you get a prompt saying that you will be walking out without addressing the team? Basically storming out?
  5. Was loving it till then (great job btw) I named the file 'BrokenContinue After Match'.
  6. Hey Tony, thanks for cleaning that up! glad I dont have to remake! You also replied to this bug post I made. Hope the additional info help the team
  7. Hey Tony - Uploaded my file to the SI Cloud service. Up until that match I had taken all inductions and press conferences prior to the match. During the match I went back and forth from the tactics screen, making subs, viewing analytics and other info related to that match but never leaving the match. Completed all team talks as well. Hope the file helps. Seen a few others experiencing the bug so at least it isn't isolated.
  8. Hey. Quick question - I am running into a pretty game breaking bug, and a potential solution is to remove Cache and Preferences folder and reboot the game to force it to make new folders. Does removing these files effect the game at all. I.E does it effect my manager data, or game save files? Cheers
  9. Gutted. I am super stoked for FM, cause what I have been able to experience is great. But at this point it will just sit collecting dust until its patched.
  10. Hey. Hoping someone can help. I know there is a bug preventing progression with the continue button on the top right, after your post game team talk when your back at the match pitch view with highlights (attached photo). The only way for me to progress is to hit delete to return to the team talk, then when I click continue I am prompt that I will be walking out of the team talk without addressing the players. This results in a morale drop after the game. I have tried the steps mentioned in the stacked post, removing add-on graphics (I have a logo pack, 2D and 3D kits applied),
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