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  1. Krondor

    [Russian] issues in Russian Translation

    Fixed, thanks!
  2. Krondor

    [Russian] issues in Russian Translation

    Fixed, thanks.
  3. It's £18 for Russia. Secret de Polichinelle You can't imagine how furious Russians were after purchasing Steam version for £18 with No Russian language, while local retail price is about £10 with no other languages but Russian. It's a big mess with poor marketing strategy and product misinformation by SEGA and local publisher 1C-SoftClub that nobody wants to talk about. Also localised version has very annoying bugs due to lack of Quality Control. I don't know how publishers can sleep after this
  4. You can purchase/download English version via Steam for about £18. I'm afraid there is no other way.
  5. I can think of more than one reason, which one is it? Pleased to hear.
  6. This is so prejudicial, there was NO Russian release of FM 2010 or FM 2009, but it wouldn't change your perception of Russian people being pirates(thieves)?
  7. Last year Russian release was Russian language only, however one could activate and SWITCH to English only version via Steam using an activation code provided with the game. What does it have to do with piracy problems?
  8. Message deleted? Censorship?
  9. Krondor

    Russian League in FM 12

    I don't work for SI, but yes, transition schedule has been implemented for Dec 2011/May 2012 to reflect changes in RFC regulations. Next season starts in Aug 2012, ends in May 2013. Check RPL and First Division "League Rules" section in FM 2012 Demo.
  10. After 5 days of frustration and waiting for someone to answer a simple question, Russian demo is finally out, it can be downloaded via Steam steam://install/201600# Quite surprisingly, still no announcement made by SI, SEGA or 1C-SoftClub, coordination and communications problems?
  11. Delayed demo = delayed release date?
  12. Do we know why demo is delayed? Any idea on ETA? Thanks K. P.S: apologies for starting a new thread, questions re Russian demo release remained unanswered in "Feedback Thread"