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  1. Haha, cheers...im an idiot.... was clicking on every part except the main league settings tab itself....much appreciated.
  2. Heya, thanks for the reply, the fixed file didnt address my issue but found a patch that did and got rid of brexit... have you any idea how to change subs for the premier league in the advanced rules section.... i can easily change it for the domestic cups but "round defaults" is not coming up on premier league. Would appreciate any advice on this
  3. The No Brexit download works but how can i increase subs in Premier League from 3 of 7 to something else... the section "round defaults" is not listed under stages... it is easily done for FA Cup and League Cup but cant figure out the premier league
  4. Heya, can you tell me how to find that file and how to use it,... complete novice here
  5. Hey, any chance you have a link to any of this page where i can download the de brexit database...complete novice at this kind of thing haha
  6. Hi, hope someone can help. I have done a lot of searching on how to change the allowance of subs in the (for example) the premier league. Have added a nation rule etc and followed all steps.... however when i go to validate it gives me a huge long list of issues in the English Leagues (mostly lower leagues),,,for example "minimum number of teams in EFL Central League is 12, 13 found).... Any way around this? All i want to do is add a few subs FFS
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