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  1. @Giggiux @Dorochai @Connor Winks Do we know if we request the refund from Steam and then buy the IGE straight from SI if the IGE will work in offline mode?
  2. @Giggiux @Dorochai @Connor Winks Looks like they pushed an update but the IGE is still not functioning offline. The IGE now shows up in the Offline mode but it is greyed out.
  3. I tried the same things. Any one found a fix or workaround for this yet? @Giggiux @Dorochai @Connor Winks
  4. I have purchased the In Game Editor via steam on my Win 10 machine. When I am online in Steam I can utilize the IGE when I go Offline in Steam the IGE does not show up in the menu bar. I have ensured via preferences in game that it should show up.
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