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  1. I just signed Eduardo Camavinga on a free transfer in 2023 with AS Roma. A great success, of course, but it feels a bit weird because I was the only one proposing him a contract. He can't be that big of a secret, as he recently was named the European Golden Boy. And I'm not that succesfull with Roma yet (not even playing Champions League). Let me know if I can provide you more information! Thanks! Edit: I've now uploaded my savegame to the cloud: Roma (v02) copy.fm
  2. I have the same issue. Don't understand how it's working, North-Africa of Asia are always hard to get knowledge from, on the other hand it seems that the knowledge Brazil grows a lot faster, despite my only active leagues are in Europe.
  3. Hey! When I go to my development centre in FM21, the screen freezes for a while, and the development centre takes quite some time to load. Eventually, it works, but it takes way more time than the other menues.
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