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  1. Hello, yesterday I found a video about a bug on FM21, which allows you to raise the release clause indefinitely. It's not my video and because of that I am not able to provide a save game file. Maybe you can reproduce this issue. I thought it would make sense to inform you, even though I still play FM20. I am sorry if someone already created a topic about this.
  2. When did SI actually state that? And by the way, personally I wouldn't have a problem with buffing the AI on a potential hard mode because somehow the imbalance between the experienced human players and the AI needs to be eliminated (until the AI actually improves). Especially the moral management of the human players creates a big advantage, which could be balanced by improving the moral of the opposite team (or by temporarily increasing the key stats of the opponents by one(?) point).
  3. Even though I am on FM20 I gotta say that my first season ever went surprisingly good, since I got promoted (predicted to finish 8th) without using "exploit tactics" or save scumming. I followed this and other threads regarding this topic and imo it would definitely make sense to add difficulty levels in future versions. By that everybody would be happy, casual players as well as veterans. Personally I see no good reason not to add this feature even though I know it's probably not easy to implement. Some people might say FM is a simulation and therefore it shouldn't have difficulty levels
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