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  1. Struggling to really settle with a team this year, any suggestions? Ideally i'd like a team in the 2nd division of one of the top 5/6 leagues (not England though). Few good youth players and without much history behind them in terms of top division wins. Had a good save on FM20 with AS Nancy but don't really want to go over old ground again. Any ideas?
  2. Noticed this tonight - same news item in the inbox twice, one with the correct manager for Eupen and one listing me as the manager of Eupen (i'm managing Zulte Waregem).
  3. Are you always an arse? It's clearly a good achievement irrespective of where the team was predicted to finish.
  4. I've downloaded the sound pack, but i don't appear to have the folders you say i should put it in. I have gone through C drive, program files, sports interactive but the only folder there is 'uninstall football manager 2010' so i had a look in the steam folder and there was nothing in there which said data. I then thought i'd extract it to 'my documents, sports interactive, sounds. But none of the additional sounds are playing. The game is playing fine, but can't seem to find the folders. I installed a boxed copy of the game using steam
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