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  1. Nation: Any European Division: 2nd Tier European Competition: N/A Media Prediction: Not fussed Board Expectation(s): Any Transfer Budget: 1 to 2 million. Wage Budget: Not fussed Finances: not fussed Other: Ideally i'd like to take a historically unfashionable 2nd tier side, with a little bit of money to spend that has good youngsters that can develop into top players. Already had Liepzig in fm14 and want something different. Need to be reputable enough to sign fairly decent prospects though.
  2. http://www.livemint.com/Specials/TgOJJw171BZV1FVn90cKAO/World-Cup-2014-10man-Belgium-win-to-send-South-Korea-home.html admittedly only 1 man was sent off but still.
  3. If it's that bad, why play it, why buy it? Why even waste your time posting about it? Is your life really that pointless?
  4. Really been struggling to get into a proper save in fm13 but going to give it a go as my home town club! I'll update as and when if you want?
  5. Can't believe any criticism is being levelled at Reina for the 2nd goal, was past him before he could even react. Thought he looked decent tonight too, put in some good stops throughout. Gutted we couldn't hold on, but I'd have taken a point before hand.
  6. Trying to get my head round why some people aren't happy with this signing. Very exciting young player and brings us the sort of creativity we've been badly lacking. Having a top class striker is all well and good if you don't have the players to give him the ball in the right areas.
  7. I honestly think I must be playing a different game to some of you guys. Love the game, as I've loved every other FM/CM that I've played. <snip>
  8. Sterling was bought from QPR, Kacaniklic was bought from Helsingborg and never played a game for the club. Ince is a good shout but didn't do anything for us (yet, may change if we bring him back), Kelly is a good player but jury is still out as to whether he's going to make it to the very top with us, same with Wisdom.
  9. How are you quantifying a good player? Someone for the first team? Or someone who is decent but you can sell on? Because in real life how many players have we actually produced in the past 10 years who have gone on to be a good player for our first team?
  10. Nothing wrong with that goal in the slightest. First instance to me looks like he's trying to knock the ball past his marker, the second is due to two things, one, two Liverpool players are going for the same ball, meaning that both are likely to hesitate if they're not communicating properly (ever heard of people saying to put a name on it) so clearly whilst they're dallying over that, Kompany can make the tackle, there is also the factor that Kompany's tackle appears to be a lunge so it could just be down to bravery. The final part is simply down to strength in my opinion, defender tries to make the tackle, attacker pushes him off. People fail to realise that we don't actually see everything that the ME does. The graphics are basic, so they don't fully represent what is actually happening, ie, jostling for the ball, communication etc. I remember reading a post from an SI member a couple of years ago that said the graphics don't show us everything that's happening because they're simply not sophisticated enough to do so yet.
  11. So what happens then when a keeper knows the ball has crossed the line but tries to say it hasn't? (borderline decisions of course) or if a defender handballs it in the area and it's not seen by the ref? Or what about if a player knows he's offside but the linesman misses it, is he supposed to stop or does he do his job and get on with it?
  12. I'd be annoyed at the officials for getting it wrong. Players are constantly trying to gain an 'unfair advantage', the way I see it, if the ref doesn't spot it, then thats their problem. Suarez is far from being the first or the last to do something like this.
  13. Luis Suarez gets paid each week to score goals and help Liverpool win football matches. Referee's get paid to spot when a player has contravened the rules, or 'cheats'. If the ref doesn't spot it, which he didn't, then it's tough. I can guarantee that any of the people moaning about it wouldn't be too bothered had a similar incident gone in favour of their own team. I seem to recall two incidents involving Paul Scholes a few years back, one where he attempted to score with his hand and another where he blocked a shot on the line with his hand, whether he was punished is neither here nor there, he still did it. At the time, Ferguson defended him and said it was an instinctive reaction.
  14. If you read his follow up posts it gets worse, guy must have some serious anger issues.
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