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  1. Put Rooney on the transfer list and now Nani wants to leave too
  2. Who did you sign first?

    Planning on starting as United and selling Rooney. I'll then probably buy Benzema or Aguero and Ozil if I have the funds.
  3. What a day to come on the forum to see if the demo is out. I aint checked in about a week before today.
  4. weirdest league winner

    Ukraine won 2010 World Cup on my save (FM09). England didn't even qualify.
  5. Your favourite regen

    I've had a lot of world class regens during my 23 years at Middlesbrough (on FM09) but my favourite has to have been Grant Sykes. He came through the youth academy as a lanky error prone young center back but I was able to start him in my first team from the age of 18 due to the fact that my team was so good they could cover for him. I managed to turn him into a world class defender, he was like a son to me. Here he is at 16 years old: And here he is now: And here are his career stats, a pretty good goal tally for a CB (he takes my pens and is a massive threat from corners): And this is the main reason why I love him so:
  6. How can a regen exist in real life?
  7. I usually have the problem with youngsters that they don't really perform well until they hit about 19/20 years old.
  8. From my experience it is best to give young stars as much first team football as possible. Whenever i've had a talented young player join or come through the youth academy and i've put him in the U18's until he is 19 he has usually gone on to be a flop. But when i've given them first team football and probably sacrificed a few points in the league (that they can give away due to inexperience) they've usually gone on to be stars. Also seems to work most the time with loaning them out. Had an 17 year old prodigy in my team before and I didn't want to put him in U18's and I had no room for him in my first team. I then loaned him out to Pompey for a season where he played pretty well and when he came back all his stats had shot up and his value had gone through the roof.
  9. weirdest league winner

    I dominated the league for the last 20 years or so with Middlesbrough (with Arsenal and Man City winning odd titles here and there) but as soon as I left them Spurs won the league lol.
  10. Carrick and Barry are in decline atm and Terry won't last another 4 years. Pretty sure Lennon will be there.
  11. I usually sub anyone below 80% at the 60 mins mark.
  12. Fans taking over

    Is it the same as that above? On my save Liverpool got bought out by a load of Iranians and both Man City and Chelsea got new takeovers
  13. Just gave him 2 full matches against Bradford in the Carling Cup and Bolton in the league. He kept 2 clean sheets and had to make a total of 9 saves He did pretty well tbh. Next i've got World Cup quals against Switzerland and San Marino for England. Will probably start him against San Marino as Switzerland have one of the best strikers on the game.
  14. They are okay stats but FM09 seems to have some problems with regen keepers. I've had many come through as "best of their generation" only for them to end up being average. And my age on the game is 54 (IIRC). Started as 30 and i'm now 24/25 seasons in.