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  1. Agree a step change toward it is the obvious thing. But when FM replaces tone of voice with gestures and the heart emoji for stamina this is going around in circles a bit, it’s the same thing packaged differently. still a great game which is why we buy it every year.
  2. Yea good idea, his morale could effect how well he maintains the pitch. If he is dissatisfied he could let the pitch grow long and lead to your team losing 7-2 etc
  3. Lol the cones and the canteen aren’t the specifics of the concept, rather subtle aspects, not too dissimilar to the idea of gestures. for instances you can choose to be involved with the training by being being more hands on or you can choose to let you staff do that from a distance (rather than just clicking a button to delegate to staff). walking into the canteen could give you clues to how respected you are by your players (rather than just seeing it written in the dynamics) would be more engaging than ‘point figure’ button if you have ever seen an RPG or open world gam
  4. The idea is nothing like fifa, that is a game where the user controls the AI. The direction of football manager is to make things more realistic and immersive but you can only go so far with current format.
  5. It is entirely feasible, just look at all the large games out there and you would only need a fraction of the size (you wouldn’t need a large open world map). You also wouldn’t need hugely impressive graphics to improve what is currently on offer. no reason why you couldn’t offer low graphics options akin to the touch version. you make a good point about the salary, is this the most useless feature in any game ever?
  6. Won’t get boring if they change the dinner menu And won’t be any more boring than the existing press conferences (#repetitiveness) walking around you will observe dynamics, reactions etc. You will be able to tweak things from these observations. The database will still underpin the game
  7. Well the current format could exist as the ‘touch’ format, with restricted graphics. the ‘open world’ only needs to be restricted to the training ground complex. your character should be able to walk around the complex, invite players into your office, walk into the canteen and assess dynamics, get on the training field surrounded by players and stand in the dug out during match day. think gta 5 meets FM21, but with a little less killing (with the exception of the water bottle)
  8. You look at how games have evolved since the early 00’s (take GTA for instance) and you compare how football manager has evolved, has much really changed? sure, a 2d match engine has changed to a ‘3D’ engine (yet lots of us still choose to use the 2d), tones have changed to gestures and press conferences remain tedious. So when are the developer going to stop moving the deck chairs around and make this a semi open world, first/third person Experience, which only needs limiting to the training complex? Much like the all or nothing documentary, we want to walk around the traini
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