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  1. ive attached another save its Adam Heslop - Sunderland (v02)
  2. Ive uploaded it there, its called Adam Heslop - Sunderland
  3. I’ve came to a point where I can’t go further in the game. A player has came to me about promises. I’ve clicked the “discuss” button and there is no options to click to talk to the player. It is a “must respond” too so I can’t progress with my game. ive cleared the preferences and cache too and it still hasn’t solved the problem. Quite frustrating really that my game is essentially stuck and can’t continue till it’s fixed.
  4. I am only getting youth intake from the playable leagues I have loaded up. I’ve set it to large database but there are no players from Brazil, Argentina, Russia, America etc coming through. their national teams now barely have anyone in their squads. Totally different from previous games.
  5. yeah here they are here. as you can see the text in top message is totally white so I can't read it. I'm using the default skin and I have deleted the cache a couple of times but it hasn't made a difference.
  6. a large number of messages that come to my inbox are white text so are unreadable. example being my season ticket sales update from the chairman or the response of no one being interested in a player who I have offered out.
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