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  1. Exactly, very unrealistic. If I have less than 17 corners it's a miracle and I'm Millwall btw! So counter attacking football. On that note are you finding it easy? I'm currently top coming into January. My friend's Millwall save, he came third then 5th in the prem!
  2. Honestly, it's a tad stupid. I will check the other games good point. Most I had was 28 on one game which would never happen for Millwall! We're lucky if we get more than 30% possession IRL!
  3. I've been playing touch version last few years since I've had a little one and more busier at work! BUT this 2021 full game version is best I've played in about 7 years IMO. It feels like a touch version, so much quicker and the little touches are great (personally like the different build up when you are on TV!) Get your game from CD keys, touch is included and give the full game a go at least trust me worth a go! I got to the stage with touch, much like mobile version, too easy!
  4. Has anyone had this after a match, press continue and doesn't do anything? I can watch goals back, go to all the other screens temporarily but can't get past this screen!!
  5. Hi guys, was anyone else's update from Beta to fill only around 600mb!? I thought I read online it will be 1.2GB Many thanks
  6. Cheers mate. I just need to decide cheap and chearful or pay the money for something half decent (£700) that could last! If the Lenovo Legion 5 drops next Friday I'm going for it! It seems to be recommended across many platforms for entry level gaming laptop.
  7. Do you think there is a laptop out there that can run FM 21 and future ones for £500? 3D, good amount of leagues etc
  8. https://ao.com/product/82b50042uk-lenovo-laptop-black-76931-251.aspx?gclid=Cj0KCQiAkuP9BRCkARIsAKGLE8VpgTSaaxIVWM0dEBChQ6xlVsjdJBlYJ82mD1A58sa0SrRO3fCUSm8aApmbEALw_wcB The experts can confirm but this could be leading the way!
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