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  1. Once entering the team talk screen, if you go onto your tactic you are unable to go back to the team talk screen and so then you cannot do your team talk if you haven't already done it.
  2. Fixture with Southampton rescheduled from a Saturday because of their Europa League game, but instead of the fixture being moved to the Sunday or Monday it's been changed to a mid week fixture, unsure why this would be the case.
  3. Yeah me too, noticed the same problem in fm20 but not to this extent!
  4. I've noticed that some stats aren't registering. When looking at player stats at the end of the season I noticed that there has been no free kicks scored at all in my league, which is strange considering I had conceded from a direct free kick like 6 games ago. I checked other leagues and no league is registering free kick goals. I'll attach the video of the goal just as evidence, and also to highlight a bug (how did the keeper not save this?). As well as this I have noticed that statistics such as clear cut chances created, key tackles, blocks, and saves parried are significantly lower in
  5. As well as the team talk bug that has been mentioned in other threads in regards to individual talks nullifying your player reactions to your team talk, I have also found that if you deliver the team talk then go onto your tactics before starting the match it comes up with the "Do you want to give them the silent treatment" warning, even though I've clearly done the team talk it even says team talk complete on the UI.
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