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  1. Not excellent. Around 7, but I played the first season with the earlier versions of the game, so the ratings might not be comparable. What surprises me are Haland and Guerreiro's rating. Haland consistently reaches above 7.5 in my game, and scores almost 1 goal per match in average. Guerreiro is a great creator and with you he has 0 assists. At some point in the season I played him as Inverted FB(s), with the BWM(de) and DLP(su) switched sides, so he could benefit from the gap in between the IW, AM and BWM. He did great, giving many assists and even scoring regularly. So, in summary
  2. I had a very successful 1st season with BVB playing a similar tactic than yours, with some exceptions in terms of player roles and team instructions. My approach was slightly more direct, to benefit from Haland and to minimize the lack of technical skills and vision of Can and Delaney. I played Meunier as FB(s) instead of WB(at), Reus as AM(at) instead or AP(s) and Sancho as IW(s) rather than IW(at), with Guerreiro overlapping. I think this setup fits better with their qualities. Apart from that, I preferred Balance instead of Positive, balanced passing instead of shorter, and one n
  3. I have seen a foul (and not a penalty) being called to my goalkeeper because he correctly grabbed the ball well inside his area. He got a red card but he could finish the game, and latter got suspended for 1 match. So yeah, bugs in the ME.
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