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  1. So luckily I didn't save after the player came up to me and got confrontational about it, so I have a save between the first registration date and the confrontation (which is going to happen regardless of what I do, because the promises show I have 1 day to register this player, but I went to the registration screen and it says "Testing Changes Only"). Uploaded save file under name "Diego Maradona - Nottm Forest"
  2. After looking at the Tactics, there is usually the "Match" Button that you can click to go to the Match. This happens very occasionally, like maybe once per season, but sometimes it gets stuck at a "Processing" stage where I'm still at the Prematch screen and still able to go back to the inbox/home screen, but can't proceed.
  3. So it seems like the training trait "Cuts Inside from Left Wing" doesn't get registered, and I'm asking for something to be added, the coach says it's a bad idea, I ask for them to suggest something else, and they suggest we teach them again. The text also shows explicitly that they don't want that trait removed.
  4. Do you also set the Position/Role/Duty training to a specific position? Because here's what I see that could potentially be happening: In the Youth Teams, particularly if you let the U18s Head Coach/AssMan select the players for the U18s match, they may use players out of position, and if your Position/Role/Duty isn't specifically selected, it may be training that player in that new position they're playing for. I never have this problem at least for my best prospects because I take over their training in some way and make sure to train them in a specific position.
  5. You realize 200m in the bank isn't that much, particularly if your transfer budget is close to the bank amount? This is particularly if you're a good team and you're spending 7 or 8mil per week on wages. Do the math - 8mil * 52 ~= 400mil, add some gate receipts and prize money and you're probably banking even. I also don't want to be "that guy" but if you actually wrote complete sentences in a more readable manner, SI would probably respond more. And it's not like your bug is the only one out there, although I do agree the first point should be noted. They probably have your issue lo
  6. @Tony Garvey Sorry, I played on. The next time this happens, I'll come back to this thread and add the save.
  7. Date: August 2024 Topic: Champions League final from 2023-2024 season. Why is Tuchel being asked a question regarding something from 2 months ago? I've also had questions about this before, and have seen this pop up more than once. I recall one time Lucien Favre at BVB was asked a similar question and I think it was even during the December break.
  8. Current season: 2023-24, March. I just beat Man City in the First Knockout Round, shows City as the winners for this season. Went into ECC -> History -> Past Winners and saw only last season (22-23) and not this season. So looks like this is just an inbox UI bug.
  9. Not sure how to put a picture of this happening, but it's straightforward: 1. No matches simulated (no emails shown up about the friendly and the result). 2. Go to Staff -> Responsibilities and Take Control of "Friendly Matches for [Team]" 3. Advance, which showed "Matches" like it was a Matchday 4. Goes to the match screen for all the friendlies, like it normally would prematchday or even when simulating 5. Continues instead of advancing to team selection, automatically goes to home page and shows me the result of the friendly.
  10. It's very fair. I've turned down the crowd size/appearances and turned the graphics to low. If you only care about watching your squad move the ball, does the graphical appearance matter as much? I get it tho, if you really care about how great it should look, but again, if you're still watching and don't want the stutter, there are options to help.
  11. To be fair, this is the only good Football Manager game out there, so SI has basically fallen to the EA kind of gameplay. I've always turned down my settings because I don't play for a huge aesthetic crowd; I play because I want to buy players to put in a team that I can manage during a year long campaign. Multiple times. I give no craps about the UI, so I turn the settings down and have had no problems whatsoever. Is it a huge problem for people who have high settings? Yes. But then I gotta ask, why aren't you playing FIFA Career Mode?
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