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  1. I'll give it a go. First one still performing well but I've seen a decent disparity in some tactics playing vs instant result.
  2. Would like to see this tested. Tried it (managing games) and it went quite well. Sometimes not great when outnumbered in midfield but that's the case with the original tactic this is based on as well. Very definitively solid.
  3. @knap are there other formation suggestions as well? For example best counters to other common formations the AI uses? 433/451 4231 532 Etc Thanks!
  4. Hi @knap, Merry Christmas! Can you help me to understand Control tactic? Is that for when you are leading the game? For instance: 1) Most tactics start on Attacking against most opposition 2) Play Cautious for difficult games/difficult away games 3) Change to Balanced to Control a lead? Or when? Thanks!
  5. @knapThank you for clarifying - was looking in Genie Scout for example and DW and IWB never can match players in Winger/WB for % fit/ability, so that helps. Thanks again!
  6. @knap You've said above that DW/IWB are effectively the same as Wingers/Wingbacks... So out if I was searching for players, I can search for Winger (Support) and Wingback (Support) and players good in those positions (which are easier to find) will work just as well as finding a DW/IWB already suited for those roles? We should just train them in the DW/IWB Role once we have them? Thanks!
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